Forget Tyler, The Creator, it’s Tyler, The Curator

Forget Tyler, The Creator, it’s Tyler, The Curator

by Juliette Eleuterio
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Tyler, The Creator is one of the most influential artists of our time, and that isn’t just because of his music. In fact, his endurance as an artist and cultural figure is largely due to his unique style that spans across sectors. Tyler, The Creator creates music, personas, eras, but we propose Tyler, The Curator who curates all of the aforementioned and more. 

Tyler, The Watch Collector
John Goldberger ©

Everyone remembers their first watch, whether it was a Ben 10 special edition or a Swatch, but for the artist, it was a SpongeBob SquarePants watch acquired through a Burger King kid’s meal. The first of many, this SpongeBob piece became the predecessor of Tyler’s extensive Cartier collection.

Rather than the iced-out gold and silver bling bling watches, the Cherry Bomb artist prefers the sleek and colourful look of vintage Cartier, which dominates his watch collection. Some of the models owned by Tyler include the Petit Cylindre, Santos-Dumont, Obus, Baignoire, Tank Must de Cartier, and Tank Louis Cartier. He also owns the Dalí-esque Cartier Crash watch, famous for its surrealist quality with its skewed, melting appearance.

Tyler, The Fast Car Driver
@feliciathegoat ©

When the rapper said “We can speed in my 2 seater,” he meant it. Probably his second favourite method of self-transportation, after bikes of course, Tyler, The Creator owns an extensive collection of cars, one to match each of his outfits or each of his personas. If you’ve been tuning into Tyler’s antics for a while now and listened to “Telephone Calls” recently, you probably already know he’s a McLaren kind of guy – “F**k the Rolls and f**k the ‘Rari / F**k the Lambo’, Tyler only ride McLaren.”

His favourite? A 657LT model, which he has been spotted revving around Los Angeles with. Another car maker Tyler has been known to favour is BMW, a passion shared with his friend and collaborator, Frank Ocean. In 2011, Ocean showcased a bright orange M3 on the cover of Nostalgia, Ultra, and in 2014, Tyler jumped on the BMW blast by giving away his 1990 BMW 325is E30 at Camp Flog Gnaw. Now, Tyler owns an M3 in a creamy colour, and never misses an opportunity to take it out for a joy ride.

In his LEMONHEAD music video, Tyler, The Creator, gave us a glimpse into his garage, showing off his car collection. It’s clear to see Tyler likes them boxy and colourful. One of his most impressive is a Fiat Abarth 131 Rally in a pastel pink colour, with customised tires to read “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST,” also in an array of colours. Other cars include a baby blue Lancia Delta Integrale, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, an Audi R8, and a trusty SUV.

Tyler, The Trunk Holder
Robb Report ©

During his IGOR era, Tyler doubled down on the trunks, being spotted with a carrier at red carpet events and on promotional shoots for the album. The admiration for trunks started back in 2014, Opting for the hand-held luggage rather than wheeled for travelling and styling purposes, Tyler’s collection of trunks spans from vintage uber-rare finds to contemporary alternatives.

Louis Vuitton immediately springs to mind when mentioning trunks, and Tyler does indeed own a few monogrammed ones from the French Maison, including one from 1904. Joining the roster are Gucci and Goyard models, though the fan-favourite remains the Globe Trotter, found in a blue-green-pink leopard print made for GOLF le FLEUR*.

Tyler, The Magazine Archivist
Robb Report ©

The Grammy-winning artist has had his fair share of front-cover magazine appearances, but the print Tyler collects is far more reflective of his own interests. In a video shot for Robb Report, Tyler shows off his extensive collection of prints, which, of course, includes old Supreme zines. He explains that those helped him “understand shape and proportions.”

From skating to hip-hop, Tyler, The Creator’s inspirations are spread across editorials. Pharrell makes an appearance on the cover of Source’s June 2023 magazine, as well as a February 2023 issue of XXL magazine, which features Eminem, 50 Cent, and Dr. Dre. Tyler goes even deeper into the archives of print publications, owning issues of The Black Panther newspaper.

Tyler, The Hat Man
@feliciathegoat ©

From baseball caps to ushankas, there’s no accessory quite like the hat that has followed Tyler, The Creator throughout his career. In the early Tyler days, you wouldn’t be able to spot him without a Supreme cap secured on his head. Over the years, his offering has become more diverse, including baseball caps in support of the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies (his loyalty  depends on his outfit).

Then came GOLF WANG and GOLF le FLEUR*, the musician’s own clothing brand, where he started producing his own caps, which he has been known to style sweater hoods on and off. Though Tyler’s style used to be very rooted in skate culture, embracing the SoCal aesthetic, the man has evolved to bear more experimental fits, which also means more experimental hats. Russian flap caps followed him during his IGOR era, while berets and bucket hats are alternative options.

When it comes to Tyler, The Creator, nothing is off the table. Tyler, The Curator took the brief and ran with it. And we’re just trying to catch up.

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