Etro Fall/Winter 2024 was a clothing crescendo 

Etro Fall/Winter 2024 was a clothing crescendo 

by Ollie Cox
3 min

Etro is unmistakable. It presents maximalism at its most mature, through lavish layering and pattern heavy fabrics. For Fall/Winter 2024, the Marco de Vincenzo-helmed label embodied the feeling of luxury, pulling from a range of cultural and creative mediums to inform this collection’s narrative. 

The show space was filled with a series of four floor-filling masks, which were divided with the runway, injecting a masquerade ball-sophistication into the mix, where the unknown is celebrated. This felt fitting, given Etro’s legacy of curiosity, art, and innovation, and was something we saw unfold before us on the runway. 

In the run-up to the event, we got a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the show. Creative Director, de Vincenzo was captured in the studio with Bologna-based musician Miglio, who wrote the score for the show. For de Vincenzo, “music is fundamental in anyone’s creative process,” and in the brand’s FW24 runways spectacle, it was inescapable.

Out of the gate, models first emerged wearing muted tailored jackets in a deep red, which overlayed grey dresses and sat close to its wearer’s chest. Further into the collection, Miglio’s choral vocals, which overlayed an electronic beat, increased in pace, giving a new energy to the collection. 

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This turn-up in tempo was seen on the runway as gold paisley-style prints adorned black and brown overcoats, engulfing lapels with a maximalist elegance, setting the tone for what was to come. Not only did the detailing increase with the speed of its wearer, but so did the speed of the models. 

Vibrant pink shirting was paired with shimmering skirts, which featured scarf-like detailing to the neck and arm and fell across the body. Later iterations replicated the look with striped blue Oxford shirts, which saw sleeveless blazers expose dual-coloured standout green sleeves. 

As the soundtrack reached its accelerando, we were treated to peak Etro opulence, where maroons and blues were applied to paisley print floor-length dresses cocooned with boxy jackets. The same patterns were applied to loose-fitting shirting and neckerchiefs adding further pattern to later ensembles. 

Luxury leather tote bags were carried over the shoulder and elongated handbags under models’ arms. Both styles provided roomy solutions for Etro’s on-the-move wearer, where no day can be the same, and submitting yourself to the pull of the music provides new opportunities. 

Models wore gold necklaces, which peaked between undone shirting as it rested on its wearer. Some looks kept things simple with a singular chain, while others lapped-up the bling, layering simple curb styles with heavy skull pendants. This styling choice was not only filled with personality, but captured the spirit of getting dressed, and the confidence an accessory can bring.

Etro’s Fall/Winter 2024 show was a maximalist party where clothing danced to the hastening beat of a bespoke score. Its luxury paisleys and patterns felt like performance pieces and exuded enviable confidence aided by lavish accessorization. 

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