This Earth Day, here are the brands doing right by the planet

This Earth Day, here are the brands doing right by the planet

by Robyn Pullen
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Happy Earth Day 2024 to those who celebrate (which should be everyone, because you all live here)! This April 22nd, we’re rounding up some of the brands doing right by the planet, from luxury skincare brands using sustainable packaging to fashion retailers making it easier to keep your wardrobes eco-conscious. So, keep reading for our Earth Day winners.

Ninety Percent
Ninety Percent©

Ninety Percent is a fashion brand that got its name from the fact that it donates 90% of its profits. Born from two friends who both wanted to prioritise the environment without sacrificing quality or style, Para Hamilton and Shafiq Hassan founded Ninety Percent in 2018, and share a strong ethos around “giving back.” What sets Ninety Percent apart from other brands designing elevated, luxury staples and stand out pieces, is that it gives back 90% of its profits to the people who help make its collections happen and five causes that they believe in. 


Herbar – the skincare brand using mushrooms to soothe your skin from the inside out – is always prioritising the Earth because that’s where it gets all of its most valuable materials. Not only does Herbar manufacture in small quantities, use recyclable materials, and source its materials sustainably, it also works to put the good it puts in your skincare back into the world by redistributing its profits to areas of the world that need it. In addition to this, Foundation Fungi is Herbar’s solution to fungi depletion and endangerment, a project set on protecting fungi, their habitats, and the people who depend on them.

Granny Takes a Trip
Granny Takes a Trip©

The London boutique founded in 1966, Granny Takes a Trip relaunched this month in digital form, with a new sustainable priority. Not only does the brand work exclusively with second life materials, working towards achieving a circular style culture within fashion design, but it also offers a majority of its limited edition pieces as rentals only. Items that fans of the brand are able to purchase are sold with a take back scheme, allowing Granny Takes a Trip to recycle or repurpose what is returned and keep materials within its circular service system.

BITE studios
BITE Studios©

BITE Studios is a brand blending the worlds of fashion, ecology, and art, whilst focusing on its long-standing priority of sustainable craftsmanship. Using sustainable practices to create its refined garments, BITE’s designs are anchored in materiality and all manufactured in Europe. As a result of the brand’s sustainable ethos, 98%-99% of materials within the brand’s latest collection are made to their strict sustainability guidelines and the rest are created from recycled fibres.

Kartik Research 
Kartik Research©

Founded in 2021 by Kartik Kumra, Kartik Research’s ethos lies in keeping the artisanship and culture of Indian fashion alive through its garments, not only through its contemporary takes inspired by traditional Indian styles, but through the practices it uses to create them. Almost all of Kartik Research’s garments are crafted in India, and they’re all made in partnership with skilled artisans nationwide, who use age-old, passed down techniques to create the brand’s contemporary menswear.

@ebay ©

eBay has always been a brand with an ethos in sustainability, given its entire platform can be credited with supporting the growth of pre-loved fashion, but its recent project is taking sustainable fashion to the next level. This spring, eBay is making it easier and more economical to sell your pre-owned fashion by cutting sellers fees down to zero. That means, the price you sell a product for on eBay is exactly what you get. eBay’s aim to get the clothing we don’t wear anymore out of the back of our wardrobes and into somebody else’s will hopefully combat fast fashion and clothing heading to landfills, but it does rely on you getting involved. So hit up eBay now to sell with no fees.


Oslo-based lifestyle brand Holzweiler set a number of commitments to sustainability in its 2022 report, which aim to tackle a variety of issues from climate and environmental concerns to human rights and remaining transparent. And Holzweiler has already put its goals of becoming circular by 2030 into practice by prioritising a conscious manufacturing process, never seeing sustainability as an after-thought. 


Alighieri is an eco-conscious brand that’s using its recycled jewellery to prove that sustainability and elevated luxury can go hand in hand. Creating talismans from 100% recycled bronze, sterling silver, and gold, in an effort to reduce its carbon emissions, Alighieri sources all of its precious metal responsibly and with the environment in mind. The brand also stocks minimally and as supply demands, in an effort to avoid overproduction and cut unnecessary carbon emissions in its jewellery’s creation.


Commune is a luxury bath and body brand that’s aim doesn’t just involve elevating your bath time routine, but also making it sustainable. Self-described as “sustainable self-care,” Commune’s living up to its word by formulating bath and body essentials – including hand soaps, body creams, shampoos, and more – with 99% naturally derived plant-based ingredients. Commune also commits to using zero single-use plastics, and delivers your self-care essentials in highly recyclable (and aesthetic) aluminium bottles with bespoke reusable pumps.


Wellbeing brand, AWvi is tackling your skincare issues with a recognition for both “your inner ecosystem and the world around us.” Using green science to harness the power of nature sustainably, AWvi’s skincare essentials use lab-grown natural ingredients in a circular process, making many of its products water-based which is better for the environment.  

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