Culted Sounds: TS Lagga talks Lagga SZN, South London & musical inspirations

Culted Sounds: TS Lagga talks Lagga SZN, South London & musical inspirations

by Juliette Eleuterio
3 min

TS Lagga knows how to keep it fresh. The South London rapper first caught the public’s attention at only 15 years old by releasing his hit single “What’s Love.” TS Lagga has since been on everybody’s radar, having since released tracks like “Shot Caller” and his latest “Tally That,” infectious tunes that flip between drill and AfroSwing showcasing the young artist’s versatility. Today, we caught up with TS Lagga to discuss Lagga SZN, his South London influences and his latest music.

Finn James  ©

Hey man, how’s it going? What did you get up to today before this interview? 

Just woke up, had breakfast and went straight to the studio.

It was your 2023 single Shot Caller that put you on the map, now deemed by many one to watch in the UK music scene. Did you ever imagine your music blowing up like that? 

For sure, I’ve always had faith in myself.

Then, you got signed to the music agent Alex Hardee, who also works with Digga D. How have you found working with Hardee to be? 

It’s been great working with Alex, he’s has experience working with some great artists.

In your latest single, Tally That, you say “Tell a man tally that.” What did you mean by that?

In life there’s a scoreboard, so just make sure you’re always keeping up.

Finn James  ©

Tell me, what goes down during Lagga SZN? 

Prosperity and success for me and my guys.

Your sound moves between the genres of trap, drill and Afro beats. Where do you find your music inspiration from? Do you have any artists you look up to? 

Dave, Headie & K Trap.

Do you find that your South London surroundings also influence your sound? 

For sure, my upbringing and surroundings are a big part of my music.

What are your South London spot recs? 

Gallions Park next to my old estate.

Dream venue and/or festival to perform at? 

Wireless Festival would be my dream venue.

What have you got cooking for us? A new EP? A tour in progress? Any special projects?

I have a song coming with Shakes in November and another collaboration coming before the end of the year, so be on the lookout for both.

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