Culted Sounds: Kizz Daniel talks “Afroclassic” hits & studio seshes

Culted Sounds: Kizz Daniel talks “Afroclassic” hits & studio seshes

by Juliette Eleuterio
5 min

There are few artists that can create a new genre of music, but Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, better known by his stage name, Kizz Daniel, certainly defined a new one. Coining the term “Afroclassic” as a way to describe his own music, the Nigerian musician uses his own creativity to infuse the ever-growing world of Afrobeats with classical elements, giving birth to a new sounds in its own right.

A forerunner and pioneer of Afrobeats, Kizz Daniel continues to cement his status in the music industry with his latest release “Maverick.” Bridging the gap between the old and the new, the artist continues to turn the heat up and keep it on a high temperature with energetic tracks such as My G and One Dollar. That doesn’t stop Kizz Daniel from getting emotional on the same record with Feran You Two, and surprising us with a trick no one expected; a Beck G feature on Cough.

We caught up with the artist ahead of the new year to talk about his latest album, his studio sessions, and his new year’s resolution.

What are your plans for tonight [NYE]?

For NYE, I’m planning a chill evening, perhaps a small gathering with close friends and family to reflect on the year and celebrate our achievements.

2023 was a big year for you, releasing your latest album “Maverick.” What was the highlight (personal or professional) of the year for you?

Releasing “Maverick” was definitely a professional highlight. It’s a project close to my heart, and seeing it resonate with fans has been immensely fulfilling. Personally, growing as an artist and connecting with my audience has been the most rewarding.

Kizz Daniel ©

Talk to me a little bit about “Maverick.” Now that it has been out for a while, do you feel like your listeners have embraced it the way you would have liked them to?

Absolutely! The response to “Maverick” has been overwhelming. It’s a blend of my musical journey and creative evolution, and I feel that my listeners have truly embraced its essence.

You’ve described yourself as a “studio rat.” How often do you find yourself in the studio? How many hours do you think you spent in the studio while making “Maverick”?

My studio, Asgard, is like my second home to be honest. For “Maverick,” I spent countless hours there, often losing track of time, making sure that each track sounded perfect.

You were actually working on another project before “Maverick,” but that one had to be put on the backburner, for now at least. You didn’t waste any time though, jumping straight into the next project. Have you always had that type of ‘bounce back,’ resilient mentality?

Yes, resilience has always been part of my character. I believe in moving forward and making the most of every opportunity. Putting one project on hold only meant diving into another with full energy.

Afrobeats has been hugely popular in Nigeria for a very long time, but it seems as though the Western world has just caught up. What do you attribute the worldwide success of Afrobeats to?

The worldwide success of Afrobeats is due to its infectious rhythm and universal appeal. It’s a genre that transcends cultural barriers, and artists have been pushing boundaries, making it more accessible globally.

Kizz Daniel ©

What would you attribute your own music’s success to?

My music’s success comes from authenticity and connection with the audience. I strive to make music that resonates with people’s experiences and emotions, and I think that’s what listeners appreciate.

You’ve previously described your music as “Afroclassic.” Would you mind revisiting that thought and telling us what you meant by that?

“Afroclassic” is a term I coined to describe my unique blend of Afrobeats with classic music elements. It’s about pushing the genre’s boundaries while staying true to its roots.

You’ve already collaborated with so many artists throughout your different projects, but if you had to pick one dream artist to make music with, who would it be and why?

I’d love to collaborate with Bruno Mars. His style, energy, and musical genius would blend perfectly with the Afroclassic vibe, creating something truly unique.

Lastly, what are your new year’s resolutions or new year’s manifestations?

My resolution is to continue evolving as an artist and person. I want to explore new musical territories and deepen my connection with fans worldwide. I’m manifesting more growth, success, and impactful music in the new year.

Kizz Daniel ©

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