Culted Community talks: the Tommy Cash controversy at Diesel SS24

Culted Community talks: the Tommy Cash controversy at Diesel SS24

by Robyn Pullen
3 min

On Wednesday this week, Diesel hosted its SS24 show in Milan and welcomed fashion people and celebrities alike from all around the world to flock to its audience. A crowd of the wealthiest 1% queued onto the red carpet upon arrival, dressed from head to toe in designer pieces and showing off their most immaculate fits… except for one person. Obviously, it was Tommy Cash.

Tommy Cash is an Estonian rapper/singer who’s become well known in the fashion sphere for his Fashion Month fits that tend to be strange, funny, and just generally conversation-worthy. He’s attended shows in muscle suits, MSCHF boots, and mime costumes in the past, but generally his outfits veer more on the side of weird than offensive. Given his 1 million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Cash has a substantial fanbase; however, his recent stunt has left them divided.

We posted a clip over on TikTok that we took of Cash arriving at the Diesel show, and (unsurprisingly) the comment section was outraged to say the least. Dressed in an outfit that can only be described as a cruel caricature of the homeless, and pushing along an actual trolley, Tommy Cash seriously outdid himself with this one, and the 300+ comments under our post (mostly) agreed. Here’s what our community on TikTok had to say about the spectacle.

User @thegeribatric commented under our TikTok saying, “His other stunts have been fun…this is not ok.” and similarly @oniiiiiiiiiiiiii wrote, “big fan of his but this was a miss”, so it seems that many (ex) fans of Tommy Cash weren’t very entertained by the look. However, others weren’t deterred, including one user who said, “you are the greatest Tommy” (maybe they just didn’t watch the video?).

There were a few commenters who were reluctant to accept that Tommy would take it this far, instead reasoning, “I wanna know his commentary cause it feels political,” as @yafavechaos said. @vangbeans also commented “This is a statement against the fashion industry,” and her argument is interesting. But the fact that Tommy Cash hasn’t put out a single statement explaining a deeper meaning to the outfit, or even posted the controversial fit on either his IG or TikTok, kind of shows that he’s not using the stunt to raise awareness.

In fact, Cash’s complete lack of acknowledgement on social media that the drama ever happened might actually imply that he’s regretting the outfit, and given the overwhelming backlash we can see why. As @sumaiya commented, we’ve all been left asking, “what’s the actual point of this” and with no explanation from Cash none of us seem to be sure. Unanimously, though, it’s not giving good vibes.

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