Culted Community talks: how does Kim Kardashian do her dishes?

Culted Community talks: how does Kim Kardashian do her dishes?

by Robyn Pullen
3 min

In this week’s issue of “s*** the internet seems to care about that seriously doesn’t matter” we’re debating how Kim Kardashian does her dishes. Last week, we reposted a clip on TikTok of what @kliegerz described as “Kim Kardashian’s luxury sink” and the video gained over 3 million views, with more than 300 comments. It seems that literally anything Kim K does will rile people, because our community on TikTok apparently found the mere existence of her sink incredibly infuriating.


Although, we do have to admit that Kim Kardashian’s sink is ridiculous. In fact, it’s barely even a sink; it’s an almost completely flat surface with no basin other than a slight curve towards an ominous looking hole, and appears to have no taps at all. Over on TikTok you had a lot to say about it.

User @bows1337 was generous enough to say something positive about the sink, offering that it “Looks good but [is] really impractical”, and most other commenters had to agree. Obviously everything in Kim Kardashian’s house has the sole purpose of looking cool rather than being functional, as @mamasammic pointed out in her comment which read “wheres the taps?”. Kim K doesn’t need taps: she washes her hands with money.


Given the impracticality of the sink, we asked in the caption of our TikTok “So… how does Kim K wash her dishes?” and our community had a few suggestions. @bex_mf had quite an intelligent answer, replying “In the dishwasher lol”, whereas others were a bit more out there. User @leedsboy31 responded “she doesn’t💀💀” whereas @brumontop said “She buys new ones” and we genuinely don’t know which option is worse to imagine.

User @adventurier25 put it plainly, commenting that Kim washes her dishes “In about 1inch of water apparently”, and from the look of her sink they’re probably right. But one question remains. Why would Kim Kardashian buy a sink like this in the first place? @its.yaanara relayed our feelings perfectly by saying: “Why r rich ppl so extra like just get a normal sink”. Thank you for saying what we’re all thinking.


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