From Simone Rocha to Palace, here’s our favourite Crocs collabs

From Simone Rocha to Palace, here’s our favourite Crocs collabs

by Robyn Pullen
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Crocs are the GOAT when it comes to collabs. From JJJJound and Palace Skateboards’ elevated yet minimalist Crocs to Balenciaga’s platform, yellow Crocs and Feng Chen Wang’s knee-high biker boot Crocs, here’s our roundup of the most iconic Crocs collaborations in the brand’s history.

Simone Rocha x Crocs 

The Simone Rocha x Crocs collection dropped last week and sold out within 24-hours, largely due to the cult following behind designer Simone Rocha’s high-fashion brand, but also because of the shoes’ iconic styles. Simone Rocha’s edgy-meets-romantic aesthetic appears in her collaboration with Crocs in the form of platforms and sloping heels, bedazzled diamond deals and pearl Jibbitz, and two staple black and white colourways. 

JJJJound x Crocs 

JJJJound’s collaboration with Crocs in September 2023 was one of the more minimal on this list, but iconic nevertheless. The design studio based in Montreal is known for its stripped back, minimal aesthetic, so obviously its Crocs would follow suit. Appearing in two colourways – “White” and “Slate Grey” – the collab’s Classic Clog silhouette is a wardrobe staple, constructed in a plush, lightweight fit. Whilst JJJJound’s Crocs collab might be a bit too minimal for some, remember: you can always accessorise with your own Jibbitz! 

Palace x Crocs 

Palace, the brand known for its skater-focused style and London-based roots, has collaborated with Crocs on numerous occasions. In December 2021, the duo collaborated on a camouflage clog with Jibbitz featuring motifs that allowed with Palace’s brand, including its logo and a “P” symbol, as well as a Yin Yang symbol. Then in August 2023, they united again for a sleek iteration of the Croc, updating the typical silhouette for a smoother textured surface and two brown or green colour ways. Finally, Palace’s most recent Crocs collab arrived in the form of two black and white classic clogs with “Palace” logo Jibbitz. Which is your favourite?

Aries x Crocs 

Aries Arise is a brand recognised for its blend of streetwear with luxury, and its collaboration with Crocs in 2023 was no exception. Taking the classic Crocs silhouette and elevating it for the dedicated Aries customer-base resulted in the “Hiker Xscape Clog,” a shoe resembling a Croc but also so much more. It has two straps, one adorned with braided rope and the other buckled fabric, and has a few extra inches of height added by a jagged platform sole. The most striking part of the Aries x Crocs collaboration is its Jibbitz, though, which include faux rocks, shells, and pieces of gold. 

MCM x Crocs 

MCM’s collaboration with Crocs melded iconic attributes from both brands seamlessly to create a maximalist, luxury clog. Known for its trademark use of leather stamped with its iconic logo, MCM’s influence on the collaboration appears in the form of leather attachments to the shoe, including a leather trap on the heel adorned with gold hardware, and a leather, zip-up pouch on the shoe’s upper (inspired by MCM’s legendary Fursten belt bag). Its jewellery-themed Jibbitz were 24k gold-plated; basically, no expense was spared. These might be the most luxurious Crocs on this list.

Feng Chen Wang x Crocs 

​​London-based label Feng Chen Wang linked up with Crocs in September 2023 for a collab unlike any other we’d seen before. Transforming the classic clog silhouette into a knee-high boot, this utilitarian take on the Croc was sleek, black, grungy, and hot. Adorned with buckles, leather straps, and metallic hardware, the platform Feng Chen Wang x Crocs Siren biker boot was intense and intimidating (everything the classic Croc is not). The impact this jet black shoe had on society is still being felt; will there ever be another that can compete?

Nicole McLaughlin x Crocs

Upcycling designer, Nicole McLaughlin is known for transforming fashion pieces using found objects, gorpy details, and a hundred added accessories; her Crocs collaboration was no exception. The Campsite Classic clog is prepped for every situation its outdoors-loving wearer may encounter, complete with a compass and rope in the form of Jibbitz, plus more pockets and pouches than you can count. Its cushioned, ventilated, waterproof, and of course has the all-important heel strap for activating “sports-mode.” 

Balenciaga x Crocs 

Balenciaga’s another luxury brand that can’t get enough of Crocs. First collaborating in 2017 on a giant, ultra-platformed yellow pair of clogs with maximalist Jibbitz in vibrant, pop-culture motifs, Balenciaga set out to shock with its Crocs collabs from the start. What followed in 2021 was Demna’s equally controversial Crocs drop: a green iteration of the classic clog with a single green stick poking from the heel, stiletto-style. Finally, Balenciaga dropped the $950 HardCrocs in 2022, a chunky, imposing, black platform clog with silver nuts and bolt detailing. 

Salehe Bembury x Crocs 

Earlier this year, footwear designer Salehe Bembury teased a collaboration with Crocs that sent the internet into a frenzy. The Crocs Saru clog (and the earlier Crocs Pollex Juniper) are both gorpy, ridged silhouettes designed by Salehe Bembury in collaboration with Crocs that have had fans of the designer hooked. Bembury’s signature fingerprint pattern details the  shoe, transforming the classic Croc into a wavy, futuristic interpretation of itself.

Feature image via Simone Rocha

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