What went down at the Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Show 2024

What went down at the Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Show 2024

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Showcasing your graduate collection is always a big one. Last night, the BA students at London’s Central Saint Martins presented their final collection in front of a crowd of eagle-eyed editors, lecturers, and fashion designers, who included Kiko Kostadinov, Laura and Deanna Fanning, and Connor Ives. Sound like something you’re into? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite moments from the show below. 

Super sagging and indie sleaze revivals from Roly Walmsey 

Sagging pants, pink off-the-shoulder tees, and plimsolls. Yep, Roly Walmsey wound back the clocks for some peak-side fringed pre-Instagram nostalgia. Military-esque tailoring slung below the shoulder and double studded-print belts gave indie-tinged reflection to the max.

Zsofia Toro’s skater heels

Zsofia Toro’s opening looks saw some devilishly good deconstruction, with a reversed bustle which protruded from the front of his wearer. The all-white monochrome moment was finished with some skater shoe-meets-stiletto heels made in collaboration with Taisiia Tacr, giving “heelflip” a meaning beyond annoyingly cool skaters.

Maja Hagen served up “smile, you’re on camera” chic

Maja Hagen made tops out of bikinis, and served some zipped-up goodness on jeans, boots and trousers. One of our favourite pieces was a supersized, digital camera ring held above the models head.

Lacey lanterns from Yoonji Kim

Black bows were everywhere in Yoonji Kim’s collection, which went heavy on the textures and made enchanting movement front and centre. When it came to accessories, models carried lanterns by their side, dancing under a semi-sheer lace tinting the light with the same detailed draping seen on the clothing.

Ella Douglas revved things up

Ella Douglas put her foot down for her graduate collection, juxtaposing bulbous dresses with tyre-tread embellished clobber, car air fresheners and moto jackets with car handle accents. A big yes from us.

Nodira Dadajonova said “size matters”

Nodira Dadajonova filled the runway with supersized dresses which ebbed and flowed between showgoers. These dresses were a thing of beauty, looking more like wearable art installations, and we can’t wait to see where we see them next. 

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