Can Coperni survive without a stunt?

Can Coperni survive without a stunt?

by Robyn Pullen
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Nowadays, it kind of feels like fashion brands can’t put on a show without a stunt, and arguably the biggest culprit of this is Coperni. We already know you haven’t forgotten about the iconic spray-on dress worn by Bella Hadid at Coperni’s SS24 show, and neither have we. In fact, it’s been hard to stop thinking about it… but that’s exactly the point.

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Despite the fact that in 2022 Coperni was a relatively new brand competing for attention at Paris Fashion Week with Houses that are literal household names, Coperni succeeded in putting on the most talked about show that fashion month, and we honestly haven’t stopped talking about it since. But how did Coperni do it? With one simple formula: stunts. 

The formula itself isn’t complicated; in fact, it’s so straightforward that dozens of other brands have also replicated it, from AVAVAV’s falling models to Prada’s slime curtains. It basically involves employing a “viral moment” in your show, a stunt that is so certain to gain the internet’s attention that it’ll be posted and reposted into oblivion.

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Viral moments have been proven to work for some time, with moments like Shalom Harlow bumping into Amber Valetta at the Todd Oldham show or Chanel having an actual rocket on the runway standing the test of time and remaining memorable. But they also come with a stigma that if a brand relies on a viral moment, it’s usually because the collection isn’t good enough to stand on its own.

However, this isn’t an accurate assumption. For instance, did you know that Coperni, the brand everyone recognises for its viral spray on dress, also designs elevated clothing the likes of which prestigious fashion brands would be proud to have produced. Its SS23 collection alone featured bias-cut, distressed dresses and literal glass handbags, yet we’re sure the only thing most people saw from the show was Bella.

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So why do brands that are actually capable of producing beautiful collections – and regularly do – rely on stunts? Partly because, in 2023 when the fashion industry is so oversaturated, it feels as though the public care more about viral moments and the celebrities attending than the clothes themselves. Can you really blame fashion brands for showcasing a good collection and a viral moment, knowing that one’s not enough anymore?

We’re currently holding out to see whether or not Coperni will pull another viral-worthy stunt at its SS24 show tomorrow, and if it does, what on earth it could be. Looking at the brand’s recent Instagram posts, we’re anticipating a music themed moment to match the CD-player bags it looks like will be on the runway.

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