Bottega Veneta is getting dressed up for Summer 2024

Bottega Veneta is getting dressed up for Summer 2024

by Ollie Cox
2 min

Bottega Veneta has brought the spirit of discovery and adventure into its Summer 2024 campaign. Shot across Tokyo by Magnum photographer Alec Soth, playful shots spotlight a diverse line-up of commuter tailoring, knitted swimwear, fringed coats and pom pom dresses celebrating the pleasure of dressing up. 

Models can be seen scaling sculptures in fringed dresses, where a black and pink weave contrasts with the off-white sculptures. Later, we see models captured inside the cavernous opening of the installation donning a soft brown tunic-like overcoat, where a vibrant orange shirt and black leather remain partially concealed underneath. 

Matthieu Blazy channelled the spirit of playground adventure into the collection, describing it as an “Odyessy: a journey that is both free and hopeful. Playgrounds are spaces of freedom, joy, experimentation, and discovery. They’re places where you can invent your own adventures, take risks, experience yourself in different ways.” 

Leather ties remain prominent throughout, as seen in looks comprising cream shirts worn underneath tweed jackets. Down below leather pants are paired with Fireman Lace-up Boots, contrasting with weathered concrete. Later shots show models enclosed within a mushroom, where brown leather sandals and metallic pinstripe suiting are worn with a Black Tosca shoulder bag. 

The campaign showcases Bottega Veneta’s luxury product offering, where its leather goods bring pleasure to the art of dressing. Sloth’s creative brand of documentary-style photography is seen throughout, effortlessly complimenting Blazy’s vision and creating a captivating creative symbiosis.  

For Sloth, Bottega Veneta has a profound impact on his creative process. “When I encounter Matthieu’s work, I am in two worlds simultaneously. One is profoundly physical – a world of craftsmanship that images all of the senses – and the other is the stuff of dreams. My guiding approach to the campaign was playfulness. The playgrounds felt like a metaphor for Matthieu’s whimsical imagination. I wanted to bring the same spirit of colourful serendipity to my pictures.” 

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