Bluemarble took things to the moon for Fall/Winter 2024

Bluemarble took things to the moon for Fall/Winter 2024

by Ollie Cox
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Bluemarble took us to the stars for Fall/Winter 2024, presenting its space-inspired “STARCHASER” collection, designed by Creative Director Anthony Alvarez. 

Alvarez often looks to America as a source of design creativity, seen in looks which combine the carefree cool of the ‘60s and the nonchalance of annoyingly stylish skate rats. But FW24 saw a different side of American history presented on the catwalk. 

The brand’s latest offering was inspired by the feat of space exploration, which was felt in the show space. Taking place within a disused retail space, where escalators were halted, white pillars punctuated the runway, holding satellite dishes and monitors depicting images of earth from space, signalling the start of our intergalactic journey. 

Ahead of the show, we saw graphics depicting a skateboard, a Bluemarble identification tag and a waving cat floating around the interior of a spaceship shared to Instagram. In a second post, the influence of space adventure on the collection was explained: “Humanity’s Giant Leap: A testament to exploration and ingenuity, this lunar plaque, inspired by Apollo 11’s historic mission, captures the spirit of discovery that propelled us to the moon on July 20, 1969. It stands as a beacon of human achievement, forever etched onto the cosmic canvas, inviting contemplation on the boundless possibilities of our collective journey into the unknown.” 

Speaking to Culted ahead of the show, Alvarez shed some light on how the theme of space travel entered into his creative process: “This collection is inspired by one of the first independent movie directors from The Philippines called Kidlat Tahimik, he dreams of air travel, and of meeting the people who build the bridge between the earth and the moon.” 

The first look to grace the runway comprised a relaxed-fitting white shirt layered with a patterned quarter zip underneath, with relaxed-fitting trousers, and on top, a catwalk-consuming faux fur hat complete with goggle detailing, that Alavarez designed to wear to “a rave in space.” These standout pieces were featured in the three opening and closing looks. Models carried screens by their side, which revealed identity photos relating to the miscellaneous items pictured floating around the space cabin ahead of the show. 

The collection saw classic tailored overcoats in a teal hue worn with embroidered jeans and a white T-shirt finished with leopard print lace-up boots, completed with a chunky sole, mirroring the exaggerated proportions seen on space boots. The standout silhouette featured in red and black colourways and anchored several looks throughout the collection, adding an intergalactic edge to an earthling-friendly display of menswear excellence. The same boxy overcoat was finished in a muted black and standout yellow styles, demonstrating Alvarez’s versatile design strength. 

Later, beige short-sleeved shirts were layered with a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath, worn with iridescent gold and silver-panelled double-knee jeans. The pairing aligned with the skateboarding influences that inform Bluemarble’s design output, whilst also looking to the themes of interplanetary travel which underpinned the offering. Gold and silver jackets also shimmered on the runway, mirroring the hardy metallic tones of spacecraft. 


A utilitarian readiness entered the collection through zipper-style cargos, which contrasted with ringer tees, layered with fish-tail parkas, seen in a muted black and red height before being repeated in a beige and yellow hue. 

As the show closed, the space-race suitable faux fur hats and ID cards returned, with a standout leopard print design closing the show, a look as extravagant as the concept it was designed for.

Overall Bluemarble’s space-inspired Fall/Winter 2024 collection was as suitable for the streets as the stars, pairing its signature skate and surf-inspired design motifs with a cosmological approach. Rooted in the bridge between the earth and space, clothing connected the two, showcasing Anthony Alavarez’s wide-ranging design inspiration. 

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