Balenciaga Fall 24: Erewhon coffee cups, prosthetic duck lips, haute leggings & more key pieces

Balenciaga Fall 24: Erewhon coffee cups, prosthetic duck lips, haute leggings & more key pieces

by Juliette Eleuterio
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Whether you loved it or hate it, the Balenciaga Fall 24 show that took place in LA has taken over our feeds. Some of us are loathing the fact that leggings made their way onto the runway and some of us have an undying thirst to try that Erewhon x Balenciaga smoothie. 

In typical Demna fashion, the high fashion House’s collection was filled with on-the-nose, LA-certified garments for the occasion, while others followed through with his signature oversized proportions. The celebrity-filled event – which included a bleached-brow Cardi B on the runway – went ham on exposure. And despite the massive influx of Balenciaga content this weekend, here are some key pieces you might have missed.

The Erewhon x Balenciaga collaboration

We don’t think Demna could have chosen a better collaborator for Balenciaga’s LA show. There’s nothing that epitomises the West Coast metropolis quite like the organic food retailer that sells an $18 smoothie, Erewhon. The collaboration comes as an on and off the runway offering, as guests were greeted with a smoothie made up of “apple, lemon, ginger, cinnamon, maple (all organic), and charcoal,” states the brand.

The Erewhon x Balenciaga link up also came to life through a favourite of fashion’s tricks, a brown paper bag actually made out of leather. The casual-ification of the collection was made even more apparent by models who held a Balenciaga coffee cup, as if they had gone on a quick coffee run before the show started. If the Erewhon x Balenciaga collab is a bit of you, we’ve got some good news as the fashion House is already selling co-branded tees, zip-up jackets, aprons, hats, and bags online.

Balenciaga ©
The cozies are oversized

Though not an official collection, it seems as though Demna had an eye for UGGs this season, as he sent down some brown sheepskin-looking boots, though in an oversized, worker type of fashion reminiscent of the kind of boots Ye would be caught in. The boots came in different versions – some flat, others heeled – and different colourways – black, brown, creamy white, red, and pink.

This collection didn’t redefine luxury, but it sure renewed its perspective. The UGG boot, specifically the ankle-length, platform model, has been catapulted into the rich and famous’ wardrobes ever since that picture of Bella Hadid wearing them went viral. In a sense, these boots are a marker of new-age luxury – think of the model-off-duty look but make it influencer-behind-the-camera.

Balenciaga ©
Layered and unsteamed

We’ve seen this layered technique from Demna last season via the way of oversized shorts, and now the three-in-one garment makes a comeback through a dress-top. The base layer was a classic, black turtleneck, layered by a subtle black tank top, and then finished off with a Balenciaga-coded t-shirt. The most visible layer, the dark blue tee, perfectly encapsulates the madness of fashion week, as the intern must have missed steaming this one – though it’s Balenciaga, so it totally could have been done on purpose.

Balenciaga ©
She means business

As casual as this collection was, in line with Los Angeles comfort-first approach to style, three looks served as transition pieces to show that yes, Balenciaga can be serious (at least somewhat). Balenci-bucks in hand, the caffeinated trio of ladies are ready to fire a twenty-task to-do list to their PA whilst hopping on phone calls from 7:30 a.m., before picking up a Caesar salad with a side of organic potato trimmings and a Diet Coke for lunch, all dressed in their tweed co-ords of varying lengths.

Balenciaga ©
The ‘don’t talk to me’ sunnies

Balenciaga loves an experimental sunglasses shape, but for Fall 24 the offering was kept tame, surely in anticipation for the big calendar Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter shows. The sunnies we did see varied in shape, though the one that’s going to be in everyone’s cart, come time for this collection to hit the stores, are the frameless, wraparound sunnies that scream ‘don’t talk to me before I’ve had my Erewhon x Balenciaga charcoal smoothie.’ That, paired with the AirPods plugged into some models’ ears, and the LA on-the-go look is complete.

Balenciaga ©
The 10XL sneakers

Chunky sneakers are so 2000 and late? Not according to Balenciaga. After unveiling the uber-chunky Cargo sneakers last season, this show gave us the 10XL shoe, an even wider offering than its Spring/Summer predecessors, however possible that even was. Whether off to the gym or just rocking the sneakers with an everyday fit, the 10XL’s guarantee a ground-shaking stomp on your Rodeo Drive walkabout.

Balenciaga ©
Paris Hilton reincarnated

Luxury fashion has changed its face many times over since its inception, tracing back to the 16th century. While showing opulence and wealth through evening gowns and statement jackets was once all the rage, new-age luxury as defined by our generation’s ladies of society, such as the iconic Paris Hilton, looks a bit more like this – a velour, bright pink tracksuit. The tracksuits came in several colours and sizes, but the consensus stays the same: velour tracksuits are a big slay.

Balenciaga ©
Mini bags are out, maxi bags it’s your time to shine

Goodbye to the Cagole, it’s time for big bags to take the spotlight. Last season, bags were given a Jane Birkin-ification, with decorative hanging gems. While the charms were dropped this season, the bags stayed the same size, opting for totes and shoulder bags rather than minis. Some were shown in use, with a towel hanging out of them for the gym girlies’ looks, some were netted, some were glossy with wide straps, while others matte with stitching details. Either way, it’s big bag season and we’re here for anything that will actually carry our essentials and non-essential items. 

Balenciaga ©
The hotel slippers

If you didn’t catch this yet, comfort is the new luxury. And what’s more comfortable than a pair of slippers courtesy of your five-star hotel stay? Subtle in comparison to the big boots, the hotel-style slippers came in a fluffy black fabric, adorned with golden detailing that read ‘Balenciaga Hotels & Resorts.’ The slippers took the form of a suit shoe, juxtaposing a tailored and luxurious silhouette with the comfort of your own home-away-from-home. Question is, when are we booking our stay?

Balenciaga ©
The 2010s called, duck lips are back in

What’s more LA than lip fillers? The cosmetic procedure has taken the world by storm, perhaps thanks to a young Kylie who introduced us to her ‘magical’ Lip Kits. While a subtler lip flip might be preferred now, the 2010s gave emergence to the ‘duck face,’ the photographic pose we saw all over social media, that enhanced the look of the lips. The duck lips made their comeback from the grave of Facebook on the Balenciaga runway, specifically on a yellow-wigged Alex Consani, who wore prosthetics just for the occasion. Is Balenciaga officially in its bimbo-ification era?

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