Culted Community Talks: Curated chaos at AVAVAV

Culted Community Talks: Curated chaos at AVAVAV

by Ollie Cox
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Paris Fashion Week might be underway, but Milan left us with loads to talk about, including Swedish brand AVAVAV, which put on a hilarious, half-dressed display. Models took to the runway serving “I’m stressed and hungover”, as part of a display which spoke to the wider pressures of the fashion industry with garments featuring slogans such as “add back” and “wrong side.” We posted a clip after the show, and you guys went mad for it. Read what the Culted community said in the comments below. 

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With scantily-clad models racing onto the runway rushing to put on clothes and others covering themselves with their hands accessorised with streaming mascara, there was definitely an element of post-Hinge hookup hangxiety. @forgetmaenot was quick to point out the vibes, asking, “Was the theme “Walk of Shame”? If so, they nailed it!” 

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Some models got the runway scaries so bad they couldn’t walk the full length of the runway and ran back to the safety of backstage, with the hilarity proving too much for @jennacaretsky, who commented, “The girl going halfway down the runway and turning back is sending meeee.” We all know what a hectic week can feel like, and for @herworld_c AVAVAV SS24 felt particularly personal, with the user commenting, “Me Monday to Sunday.” 

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The craziness proved popular in the Culted comments. @dante4811 commented, “AVAVAV do the most fun runway concepts season after season. Love this.” @manuelepq echoed the sentiment, following up with, “I love AVAVAV runway shows.” The viral show was perfect for bringing some much-needed light-heartedness to the fashion schedule, with @compressedheads unable to resist a second watch as they wrote, “it gets funnier the more you watch.” @jeengree felt the show was a shining example of making fashion, commenting, “it’s so easy to do this wrong, but they got it right. This looks fantastic. Kudos.” 

Others were quick to point out the broader themes of the show, with @stardust adding, “This is so good. It seems like [it’s] raising awareness about fashion.” With the pre-show nerves and mental strain, maybe this user was onto something. Others pointed to the outright campiness of the show. @itspige0n saw the comical display as an educational resource, writing, “If anyone ever asks me what camp is again imma show them this.” 

Whether you could relate to AVAVAV’s chaotic presentation or just enjoyed the show, it certainly left people with something to say.

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