Around the World: Bally’s new Zürich store & Hajime Sorayama’s art in Paris

Around the World: Bally’s new Zürich store & Hajime Sorayama’s art in Paris

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Whether you’re off vacationing enjoying the Barcelona beaches or staying at home, we’re sure you’re looking for things to do to fill up your summer. In today’s edition of Around the World, we’ve compiled a list of music events, art exhibitions and new store openings for you to indulge in. In Los Angeles, a Pokémon exhibition has just opened its doors while over on the East coast, New York’s Japan Society is holding its 16th annual film festival.  

Visit Bally’s newly reopened store in Zürich

After opening its flagship store in New York earlier this year, Bally just reopened its Zürich store, the first one in Europe that reflects the brand’s new visual identity. The new retail space was inspired by the Swiss brand’s heritage as well as design choices inspired by the country’s culture. It has been decorated with curated vintage furniture and eco-certified woods juxtaposed with modern visual queues like marble stands and German inspired velvet chairs.


A Pokémon exhibit has landed in LA

First shown in Japan’s National Crafts Museum, the “POKÉMON X KOGEI: Playful Encounters of Pokémon and Japanese Craft” exhibition has now landed in Hollywood’s Japan House. From ceramics and textiles, to lacquer and metalwork, the exhibition features 20 Japanese artists and around 70 works of art that explore the fundamentals of the Earth’s materials in creating the Pokémon universe.

@alcremiesundae ©

J.I.D. is performing at Barcelona’s Razzmatazz

The Atlanta-born rapper J.I.D. is coming to Barcelona’s iconic nightclub Razzmatazz this weekend on July 30. With tickets still available online, the artist is expected to turn the heat up with his hit songs like Surround Sound, 151 Rum and Off da Zoinkys. J.I.D. will be joining a long list of artists who have performed at Razzmatazz like Björk, Radiohead and Oasis.


New York is hosting the film festival JAPAN CUTS

Japan Society’s 16th annual JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film is kickstarting today in New York, and it marks the first time the festival is full in-person since the pandemic. This year, the festival will showcase over 25 films from blockbusters to indie pieces, with five international premiers as well as a bunch of US premiers. Tickets are now available online for the 10-day long Japanese film festival.

Yoko Yamanaka©

Catch the Hajime Sorayama exhibition in Paris

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch the last days of Japanese “sexy robots” artist Hajime Soroyama’s exhibition in Paris. Open until this Saturday, the exhibition is shown at the Almine Rech Matignon gallery, the second show the artist has had there. The artwork featured includes a range of prints depicting the artist’s signature style on human figures, dinosaurs and mythical creatures and an encased “sexy robot” sculptor.

@hajimesorayamaofficial ©

Watch the Women’s Football World Cup at Sydney’s FIFA Fan Festival

This year, the Women’s Football World Cup is taking place in New Zealand and Australia and if you didn’t manage to snatch actual stadium tickets, don’t worry, there are plenty of spots for you to watch the matches. At the centre of Sydney in Tumbalong Park, the FIFA Fan Festival can be found where you can watch the matches for free, accompanied by a range of food and drinks choices.

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The last days of Vienna’s Marina Abramović exhibition

The multi-media iconic artist Marina Abramović has a dedicated exhibition in Vienna’s Galerie Krinzinger, open until this Saturday. Titled “Energy Clothes”, the art exhibition focuses on the relationship between the body and clothes, and features brand new pieces created specifically for the occasion such as a photo series, an installation, drawings and videos.

Marina Abramović / @galeriekrinzinger ©

There’s a Lee Friedlander Framed by Joel Coen in New York

Lee Friedlander has been recognized as one of the most influential photographers of the 60s and 70s with his signature “social landscape” style, and now he is being honoured at the Luhring Augustine gallery in Chelsea. Curated by the famed filmmaker Joel Coen, the exhibition features around 45 photographs, including some of his most famous ones and rarer ones, spanning over the 60 and more years of Friedlander’s career.

Lee Friedlander©

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