Inside Annabel’s Venetian Carnival Halloween Party

Inside Annabel’s Venetian Carnival Halloween Party

by Ollie Cox
3 min

Last night, Annabel’s threw its iconic Halloween party, transforming its lavish 18th Century Mayfair Townhouse into a Venetian-themed house of horrors. Guests arrived in elaborate costumes and masks to celebrate in style, where the colour palette ranged from jet black to vibrant orange, and hair was styled into immaculate curls. 

Some guests wore sleek black tuxedos with contrasting silver masks, while others wore grand ruched dresses complete with lace detailing as they wound back the clocks for a hauntingly good time. Stand-out makeup looks showcased bloody injuries and channelled the energy of the Carnival with a spooky sub-plot. Corsets were paired with detailed headwear, with feathers used to accent everything from hats to drinks. 

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For a club like Annabel’s, which has been entertaining some of London’s most famous faces for more than 60 years, guests were in good hands. This year’s party saw Alexis Stone, Lola Clark, Tilly Clark, Olivia Neil, Kit Price, Calum Harper, Anson Boon and Richard and Patricia Caring in attendance amongst a host of other well-known partygoers.

This year saw the club’s entrance transformed into a grand façade featuring a hand-carved Venetian mask with animated eyes haunting its hedonistic guests as they entered the club from Berkeley Square. Inside the club, which spans over 26,000 square feet, extravagant masks and feathers adorned the walls as part of its elevated approach to horror. Tables were dressed with period features, and chandeliers beamed with a spooky orange tint, setting the mood for the night ahead.

Guests were treated to a tailored drinks menu and bespoke dishes created by a talented team of in-house chefs – all inspired by Venetian cuisine. Cocktails crafted with Don Julio 1942 were eerily named the Plague Doctor, mixed with sweet sherry and balsamic agave and garnished with a chocolate rose pastry and feathers. On top of this, Vintage Dom Pérignon was brought up from the cellar, giving guests a chance to get into the spine-chilling spirit with its enchanting and ethereal taste. 

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Throughout the evening, guests cast away the evil demons with an infectious and spell-binding party spirit which remained strong into the night. Take a look at our photo gallery to see the standout looks, and head to our social media channels for more Annabel’s Halloween Party coverage.

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