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by Juliette Eleuterio
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London Fashion Week

It is with a heavy heart we yet again have to say goodbye to London Fashion Week. As usual, the event was filled with thriving talent and grasping shows. From mainstays to first-timers, we have compiled a list of 6 standout shows and collections at London Fashion Week.


JordanLuca’s FW21 collection focused on monochromatic form-fitting garments, veering away from the latest oversized trend. Jordan Bowen, co-creative director alongside Luca Marchetto, said they wanted “to have the focus entirely on the body”. The collection channelled past, present and future anxieties that have been on all of our minds. Ultimately, the show turned into a form of catharsis, much needed for many of us.


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Saul Nash

Aside from being a sportswear designer, Saul Nash is also a dancer, choreographer, and movement director, and this collection showed that. In a short film titled ‘Twist’, two opposing groups of young men are seen heatedly arguing with each other whilst wearing functional zip-up parkas and matching tracksuits. The ‘twist’ of the story is that the two central figures who started the fight, end it with a passionate kiss. This collection, which was his first independent collection to be shown at LFW, was a poetic performance of the infamous saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.


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Parnell Mooney

Parnell Mooney’s FW21 collection explores the power and impact garments can have on someone’s confidence and feelings when getting dressed to go out. Kink-inspired leather jackets and thigh cut-out trousers were at the forefront of this menswear collection. Presented in a video format, the looks can be seen printed out on a custom Parnell Mooney printer. Mooney’s collection feels like a ‘too good to be true’ moment, as we all envision ourselves going clubbing wearing this collection.


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Matty Bovan

Titled ‘Odyssey’, Matty Bovan’s FW21 collection was a dystopian story about a ship travelling through troubled waters. Shaken by the state of current affairs, Bovan used his collection as a form of escapism, while still communicating the fears and anxieties felt during this unruly time. Split into three acts, the backdrop set the scene; from clear blue skies to the ship crew being swallowed by the sea. The oversized jacquard knits and use of huge sequins and crystals matched the overall acid-trip feel of the video. Although Odyssey’s ending may not be a happy one, Bovan managed to transport us into a different world.


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Soft muted colours, body-hugging silhouettes and layers were at the core of QASIMI’s heartwarming FW21 collection. Exploring the difference that art can make, this collection offered garments that seamlessly embraced the body, from jumpsuits to matching overcoats. The chenille hair and silky padding of the room and the emotional opera-like background music only added to the heightened sense of emotions. The collection was a source of much-needed optimism and hope.


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The Austrian-based jewelry and accessories innovators marked their debut at LFW with ‘EUKOLIA’, their FW21 collection. Christoph Tsetinis, founder of PUBLISHED BY, was inspired by heritage and parallels between generations, notably stories of his Greek forefathers. For the brand’s first time, this collection saw leather accessories, which were finished with a custom chrome 3d printed hardware exterior. Each piece, which included tote and bodycross bags, was designed to wrap around the body effortlessly. This collection has got us all planning (and hopefully booking soon) our next trip to Mykonos.


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