Everything you missed from 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

Everything you missed from 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

by Robyn Pullen
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The 33rd edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week kicked off last Tuesday, extending invites to fashion lovers and labels to hit up the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau and witness the collections of twenty-four of Spain’s leading fashion brands. With a packed schedule of shows each focusing on sustainability, circularity and diversity, as well as the pique of modern style, here’s a roundup of our favourite shows from the three-day event.

AVEC AMOUR romanticised the past
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AVEC AMOUR hosted its SS24 show entitled “CANNON BEACH,” an ode to the vintage patriotism of the Romantic era. Ruffled collars, silk bodices, and frayed sashes made reference to a period of lavish bourgeois-isms, reminiscent of the European opulence of the past; however, this was subverted by modern motifs, like baseball caps and varsity jackets. AVEC AMOUR’s collection as whole delved into the archival luxury of an era long forgotten, both romanticising and reviving them for the modern day.

Our sex-pectations were set at DOMINNICO
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DOMINNICO, founded by Dominican designer Domingo Rodríguez, hosted an intensely sexy show last week, which featured a bold colour scheme, skin-tight silhouettes, and a ton of texture to top it off. Faux fur adorned lace skirts, silk ribbons hung from leather sets, and up-cycled double denim fits were stamped with silver studs. From mini-skirts and booty shorts, to furry boots and sweeping jackets, DOMINNICO’s SS24 collection was the sex symbol of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

EÑAUT brought architectural tailoring
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EÑAUT’s 10th collection was revealed in Barcelona last week, with strong tailored silhouettes and a dark colour palette, both familiar trademarks of the brand. Designer Eñaut Barruetabeña is known for her architectural take on fashion, given she began studying architecture in Barcelona before transferring to fashion design, and this is reflected in the movement, cuts, and shapes of her collections. Classic suits are de- and reconstructed into avant garde interpretations, and paired with unusual, clear face masks.

GA GÓ Ó STUDIO ushered in a “PLAGUE” of black 
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GA GÓ Ó STUDIO presented its latest collection, entitled “02. PLAGUE,” divided into multiple parts. Whilst the collection begins in pure, bright white, with sheer dresses and layered wool pieces making up a cleansing palette, a “plague” of black seeps slowly in. At first black appears in subtle ways, seen in the likes of washed mesh shirts, but by the end its obsidian shade has taken over the entire collection. From clean white to stark black, every piece in GA GÓ Ó STUDIO is flawlessly crafted.

Slow fashion turned up the heat at HABEY CLUB
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HABEY CLUB is a Spanish brand known for its use of recycled fabrics and 100% organic fibres to create artisanal and ethical luxury fashion. Worn by the likes of Rosalia, HABEY CLUB’s collections are always elevated, innovative takes on trending styles, featuring denim skirts, furry sandals, and bright red mesh (a favourite of Rosalia). Its SS24 show entitled “SIDE EFFECTS” followed the same narrative, transforming slow fashion into looks that’ll make your heart race.

JNORIG brought German grunge to Barcelona
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JNORIG’s SS24 collection, entitled “SYSTEMATIC DISRUPTION,” was a visualisation of designer Javier Girón’s German roots. Whilst Girón moved to Barcelona to study, he grew up in the grungy streets of Frankfurt, Germany, where androgynous silhouettes, sexy everyday pieces, and black were in everyone’s wardrobe. Within JNORIG’s latest collection we saw skimpy silhouettes, 3D printed accessories, and a take on the impact of technology on fashion through the use of drones on the runway.

Martín Across elevated the everyday
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Martín Across looks to the Andean landscapes of Ecuador for his SS24 collection, delving into a journey of art, culture, and technology through his designs. Mesh shirts featuring images of people going about their everyday lives ground the collection as a depiction of reality, whilst more abstract patterns seen on puffer jackets and dresses add a touch of the ethereal. All in all, we’d say Martín Across’ SS24 collection blends the reality of daily life with the vibrant optimism of travel, a perfect depiction of how it feels to venture out of your comfort zone.

The Label Edition played around with texture
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The Label Edition is the brain-child of two iconic creatives, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Véronique Von Siebenthal and Co-Founder Laura Johansson. Known for its timeless and ethical style, the brand’s SS24 collection, entitled “UNFOLDING,” is a blend of textures, colours, and materials. Full denim fits, from the jeans and jacket to the oversized tie, juxtapose with dresses designed completely out of leather, whilst silhouettes are exaggerated for a touch of drama.

Velasquez delved into his Colombian roots
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Mateo Velasquez is the founder of Velasquez, his eponymous label known for its bold and androgynous aesthetic. Colombian-born but growing up between Madrid and London, Velasquez’ style looks to his own queer experience for inspiration, taking on the social conventions of masculinity in a striking and ethereal style. Its AW24 collection, entitled “Barequebero,” references the gold-mining town where Velasquez was raised, pulling on ideas of cultural heritage, childhood, and self-discovery.

Txell Miras put her hair up
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Txell Miras’ brand has become renowned within the Catalan fashion sphere, and the world, in the past fifteen years, and her latest collection entitled “Scrambling in the Shadows” lived up to the hype. Silhouettes are deconstructed, subverted, and transformed before our eyes into monochromatic, avant garde shapes. A few looks feature iconic hairy accessories which hang in pony-tail style from models’ waists and chests, making reference to the concept of “a second skin.” Overall, Txell Miras’ latest collection is utilitarian, innovative, and everything we want modern fashion to be.

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