Yaku Stapleton is the winner of the CTF Award 2024

Yaku Stapleton is the winner of the CTF Award 2024

by Ollie Cox
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Yaku Stapleton just won the CTF Award with his crazy warrior-esque fit, and Culted Founder and CEO Pavel Dler was selected by the Swedish Fashion Council to help pick the winner. As well as taking home the award, Yaku won a cash prize of $10,000 for the winning look at a ceremony in Milan today. Each finalist was challenged to make a look using 10 metres of man-made cellulose fibres (MMCF) fabric, provided by a select CTF (Challenge The Fabric) partner. 

The decision was made by a panel of industry professionals which besides our founder Pavel Dler included Andrea Rosso, Sustainability Ambassador and Creative Director, Diesel Living; Caterina Tonda, RTW Sustainable Development Manager Material Innovation Lab Kering; Iretidayo Zaccheaus, founder of Street Souk; Pavel Dler, Founder & CEO CULTED and Wilson Oryema, artist and writer, co-founder of the Surface Tension platform and Research Director at Austron Research.

Finalists included ABRA, Karoline Vitto, Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, Paolina Russo, Renata Brenha, Sylvi Sundkler, vel don sa lim, and YAKU, who worked with the CTF Award innovation partners including OnceMore®, HeiQ AeoniQTM together with MAS Holdings, Nanollose, Spinnova®, Birla Cellulose, Infinited Fiber, Pyratex®, and IMPETUS GROUP together with Circulose®. 

All eight finalists showed their work as part of a two day exhibition in Milan where a black void and audio experience made sure each designer was able to fully express the unique look and all the good stuff that went into it. 

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Yaku studied at Central Saint Martins and designs with a focus on natural form, his own identity, and sustainable practice. The designer often looks to the natural world in his work, using waste as a material to avoid items going to landfill. Yaku’s winning creation was the product of a decision to express himself more explicitly, exploring the balance between the hopeful, limitless future he’s presented so far. 

Yaku’s latest creation is a killer blend of conceptual design and sustainable practice, comprising a padded vest, which featured an otherworldly, warrior-esque headpiece, and incorporated asymmetrical layering to loose-fitting, structured trousers, while accessories arrived in the form of a padded trident. The Swedish Fashion Council chose the look for “innovative, creative, and deeply personal approach, coupled with a commercial edge that resonates with a broad audience. His design weaves realism, storytelling, and futuristic elements with a unisex appeal, making it an iconic piece with incredible use of the material provided by IMPETUS GROUP, and Circulose®.”

Challenge The Fabric’s CTF Award is a talent competition encouraging the use of sustainable materials, and nurtures relationships between emerging designers and potential material partners. The initiative is organised with the Swedish Fashion council, which pushes fashion as a cultural phenomenon to drive change. 

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