Extnded Family launches its debut collection with Slawn, Teoni & Atlantic Johnson

Extnded Family launches its debut collection with Slawn, Teoni & Atlantic Johnson

by Ollie Cox
2 min

London-based streetwear label Extnded Family has launched its debut headwear offering, the Grandad Hat, tapping London-based creatives Slawn, Teoni and Atlantic Johnson for the release. 

As part of a campaign lensed by Sabb Adams, the three artists can be seen wearing the hat in each of its colourways: green, black and brown. The classic style is finished with a boxy snapback shape and accented with a classic green underbrim, mirroring the caps first popularised in the ‘90s. Brand founders, Adam Parker and Enzo Fonclaud, believe the decade is an “unmatched era of style,” adding that they make products “for those with the same appreciation for that period.”

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Campaign shots capture candid studio activities alongside portrait shots, which spotlight the embroidered “EF” logo which features across the crown of the cap. Each artist is foregrounded against a backdrop of their work, highlighting the creative community that surrounds the brand. Later video footage captures studio antics, soundtracked to a 90s-feeling beat, further encapsulating the brand’s spirit. 

Both Parker and Fonclaud founded the brand on a shared sense of belonging. “All we are looking to do is make products that we like, our friends like, and our friends of friends like. It’s something for us and our ‘Extnded Family.’ The community is one big family that sets the pace for the brand, and we want to pay tribute to those around us that inspire us.” 

The Grandad Hat is available to purchase via the Extnded Family website

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