Culted Sounds: flowerovlove talks self-love & Fashion Week lore

Culted Sounds: flowerovlove talks self-love & Fashion Week lore

by Juliette Eleuterio
5 min

You might have seen flowerovlove in a Gucci campaign or on the front row during Fashion Week, but there’s so much more to the artist than just looks. The rising 18-year-old indie singer-songwriter has become the musical voice of girlhood, chronicling her turbulent times as a teenage girl.

Her latest release, “a girl like me,” is a mellow melody that dives head-straight into the mind fog a teenage crush can give you thanks to its all-engulfing passion. The single comes as a follow up to her previous 2023 releases, “Coffee Shop” and “Next Best Exit,” both encapsulate that warm and fuzzy feeling of youthful nostalgia. Despite her young age, or perhaps thanks to, flowerovlove is a name already in everybody’s mouths, filled with praises for her blend of whimsicality and ground-rooted realness.

Today, we caught up with flowerovlove to talk about her latest single, self-love, and Fashion Week lore.

Let’s start with your stage name, flowerovlove. How did you come up with that?

It originally started off as an Instagram handle but when I decided to make music, I decided that I’d just go by a stage name so I went with flowerovlove and came up with the meaning.

“flower” represents humans growing and blossoming like a flower does from a seed and we do from an egg. Flowers fall down at the end of the year but always grow back and we should see ourselves the same, as beautiful flowers. “love” represents self love and giving love to others and feeling like you love the music you’re listening to.

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How long has music been in your life for? At what point did you think “yeah, this is for me. I’m going to pursue this seriously?”

Music has been in my life forever. I decided to pursue it about 3 years ago when my brother started producing and asked me to write something to a beat he made and then I enjoyed it so much.

What is the best setting for your songwriting process? What does that process usually look like?

The best mental setting is usually when something intense has happened in my life because writing is like therapy. The best setting is in a studio, with fresh air or in the shower.

Your latest song “a girl like me” perfectly encapsulates crushes and how they can make you completely devoted to someone. Do you find that music helps you understand and deal with these types of emotions?

Music definitely makes me realise how I feel, it’s like journalling. Sometimes I just write and write and realise, omg I feel like this and I feel so free and at an understanding with myself!

Have you ever met someone or been in a situation where you thought “this is going to be a song?” Or do the ideas only come when you put pen to paper?

Yes absolutely! Even in conversations I always find myself looking for songs because my life is honestly some sort of movie, there is always something outta a film happening.

Being so young yourself, you’re able to really tap into those feelings of being a young girl, which, as you probably know, can be quite tumultuous. If your audience can learn one thing from you and your art, what would you want that to be?
I’d want people to learn that life is truly a whirlwind. Everything will be okay, treat yourself like a flower. I want people to feel nostalgia and like they’ve entered a portal into flowerovlove land.

Apart from music, you’ve also been making waves in the fashion industry, starring in Gucci’s campaign and performing at Mulberry. Is this something you always had an interest in? Or did it come as a surprise sidequest alongside your music career?

I live for fashion, I’m a fashion nerd. I pursued fashion before music actually and I’ll always be in fashion because it’s so fun to just dress up and look all cute.

You’ve attended a few fashion weeks now, so you understand how hectic it gets. Have you got a fun fashion week story to share with us?

I’ve got a fun fashion week story! Okay, so I was running late to a show and it was pouring with rain outside. I arrived right before the models were about to walk so I had to walk on the runway to get to my seat and the designer and all the models backstage were watching me and were like ‘omg who is she she’s so beautiful’ so I went from panicking to an ego boost and it was embarrassing but fun.

How do you see music and fashion feeding into each other?

I think both music and fashion are expressions of the heart and personality and I think they intertwine like peanut butter and jelly.

Lastly, what have you got for us in the pipeline for 2024?

2024 will be full of iconography from me and perfection.

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