“Wild energy”: Biel Juste & Joan Margarit on TwoJeys’ collaboration with Zara 

“Wild energy”: Biel Juste & Joan Margarit on TwoJeys’ collaboration with Zara 

by Ollie Cox
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TwoJeys has shaken up the jewellery game with its original designs, crazy campaigns, and cowboy spirit, which has quickly caught on with its celebrity fans. Now, it’s taking things to the next level, launching a 45-piece capsule collection in collaboration with Zara. 

Centred around a collaborative jewellery offering comprising chains, rings, key rings, and bracelets, the brand’s shared feeling of progressive discovery and modern design language is front and centre, characterised by the brand’s star logo, which has quickly become a marker of cool, for anyone in the know. The instantly recognisable branding has appeared on TwoJeys-branded rally cars, jet skis, and across punchy jewellery designs. 

But beyond a buzzy collaboration, the link-up serves as a testament to TwoJeys’ success, where beyond solid products is a fast-paced fashion-meets-free-spirit adventure, something Biel Juste and Joan Margarit describe as being a modern-day cowboy. “For us, it means an attitude and a way of doing things. A pure, natural, authentic, wild energy that fights for what it wants without fear of making mistakes,” they share.

Glen Luchford lensed the collab campaign, packed with killer Western-style visuals oozing with TwoJeys spirit. It features skater boy, actor, and all-around cool guy Evan Mock and London cool girl Iris Law, who don pieces from the collection against a backdrop of rural motels and horses. Think, Red Dead Redemption meets New York and London’s cool kids, and you’re on the right track. 

This razor sharp approach to worldbuilding is not only intrinsic to the collaboration, but to the TwoJeys brand as a whole. “From day one, our main goal has been to create the number one men’s jewellery brand in the world. We want to offer not only unique products but also build a community, a family with a very clear personality. We wanted to go back to our roots, focusing on the contemporary cowboy we have always projected: the desert, the engine, the wild. We have dedicated a lot of time but above all a lot of love to every detail,” Juste and Margarit reveal. 

Arriving at the intersection of iconic American motoring culture and the equestrian culture of Western America, frayed denim is worn and weathered to mirror a life spent on the road, with quintessentially TwoJeys star motifs featured across leather belts and rugged cowboy buckles. 

When we heard about the launch, we caught up with Biel and Joan to discuss the collaboration, cowboys, and TwoJeys’ future. 

TwoJeys x Zara

The collab is pretty major. How does it feel to do something on this scale?

For us, it is a dream that a brand of such calibre recognises our potential and wants to join forces to communicate a common message. Ten months ago, Zara gave us the incredible opportunity to lead the creative direction, from product design to communication. As creatives, we felt it was the perfect time to explore further, focusing on everything we have always imagined beyond jewellery.

Evan Mock and Iris Law star in the campaign. How do they reflect the TwoJeys spirit?

In the end, TwoJeys is defined by an effortless, natural, and authentic attitude. We draw inspiration from people with genuine and laid-back energy. We like to compare ourselves to a wild horse, free and spontaneous. We believe that both Evan and Iris understand this energy, which best reflects the message we want to convey with our collection and collaboration.

How does the campaign reflect the ethos of the modern-day cowboy?

We wanted to show what TwoJeys is all about and what it means to us. We’re all about this new modern cowboy vibe we’ve been pushing since day one. Think effortless, full of energy, with a wild horse feel. Like a worn-out tire after a race. We wanted to make sure that energy came through in our design and message.

Our world is all about mixing up different inspirations, from motorsport culture and old tobacco brands to sports and wild horses. You’ll see different shapes and jewellery in some clothing pieces since we’re a jewellery brand. We’re all about blazing our own trail and sticking to our mission, no matter what. That’s what it means to us.

How did you approach designing both jewellery and clothing?

The creative process is the same, and we are very clear about what TwoJeys represents. This allows us to design both clothing and jewellery, and even any other type of product. Zara has understood our message perfectly and they have given us total freedom to design with their teams and to keep protecting our personality in every detail.

The TwoJeys x Zara collaboration will release in select stores and online on June 3.

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