The 10 Bottega Veneta bags Matthieu Blazy worked overtime for

The 10 Bottega Veneta bags Matthieu Blazy worked overtime for

by Robyn Pullen
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Last season, Matthew Blazy presented a SS24 collection for Bottega Veneta that had bag lovers drooling, from the Foulard basket-woven Intreccio leather numbers to baby blue briefcases blown up to big boss size. So it’s no surprise that every single bag Matthieu Blazy showed on Bottega Veneta’s Fall/Winter 2024 runway was equally devastating. Here are some of our favourite bags from the brand’s show today in Milan. As usual, it’s impossible to choose one, so we’ve expanded the list to feature a few. From the master of leather manipulation himself, Matthew Blazy, let’s get into Bottega Veneta’s best FW24 bags. 

Numero uno was the Kalimero Città
Bottega Veneta ©

The first bag on the runway – a big responsibility at any show, let alone at Bottega Veneta – appeared to be the brand’s pre-existing Kalimero Città: a small, black bag in soft foulard Intreccio leather. Gold hardware adorns the bag’s handle, where a knotted end adds frayed leather detailing, adding an additional texture to the accessory. Debuting only last season at SS24, the Kalimero Città is a show stopping piece, more than worthy of Blazy’s first look, and it appeared later in both burgundy and cream renditions too.

A fish swam down the runway
Bottega Veneta ©

A bag that appeared to make its debut on the FW24 runway was bright red and deep black made from Intrecciato leather and in the shape of a fish. Given that Bottega Veneta’s Sardine bags – which were also a feature at FW24 – are already beloved by fans of the brand, a new silhouette in the shape of a second sea creature is bound to sell well. Plus, what’s more iconic than a bag shaped like a fish?

The Large Hop, smoothened out
Bottega Veneta ©

What appeared to be Bottega Veneta’s Large Hop bag was seen in a smooth leather iteration, rather than its normal Intrecciato. It was seen tucked under a model’s arms so that, from the front, the bag’s corner almost appeared softly creased like a handkerchief. Although the Large Hop did later appear in its iconic Intrecciato, both iterations were luxurious, oversized yet delicate. 

Khaki has its moment
Bottega Veneta ©

The Large Cabat, a timeless, Intreccio tote bag designed out of lambskin leather also appeared at FW24, in an original khaki shade instead of its already popular burgundy, browns, and black colourways. Held loosely in a model’s hand, the texture of this bag appeared soft yet structured, and its khaki colouring was striking, even against an almost all green look.

A burst of orange
Bottega Veneta ©

Next on our list was Bottega Veneta’s first flash of colour in its FW24 bags, an oversized orange moment clutched under one model’s arm. With Intreccio textured leather, the bag appears soft, bulky, and matte in finish, hinting that its designed from a material other than Bottega Veneta’s typical leather. If anyone has further info on this accessory, please hit us up because we’re dying to know more.

Bigger is better at Bottega
Bottega Veneta ©

A ludicrously capacious bag followed, designed out of smooth, slouchy leather, and with a twisted, plaited detail adorning the front. Gold hardware in the form of Bottega Veneta’s twisted rope motif appeared front and centre, glinting as the model walked. Within the collection bags of every size appeared, and Bottega Veneta wholeheartedly proved that, whilst size doesn’t matter, more bag means more to look at, and this one we certainly couldn’t stop watching. 

The Sardine bag earns its armour
Bottega Veneta ©

Bottega Veneta’s iconic Sardine bag made its return on the FW24 runway, only with an elevated makeover. Instead of the classic solid metal, brass finish hardware that the sardine handle is usually made out of, this season saw Bottega Veneta’s fish handle transformed into a flexible, moving object, through the use of sections of metal linked together, which each moved independently like a real fish. With the Sardine bag’s handle only getting more realistic, maybe next season we’ll see an actual sardine adorning the bag?

Bottega Veneta tied the knot
Bottega Veneta ©

The Knot, a hand-held clutch in a smooth square-oval shape with knot-style clasp at the top, also appeared this season in a smooth pearlescent white. With silver hardware detailing the clutch, it was dotted with broken shards of what appeared to be coloured resin, stark and bold against the bag’s creamy base. Whilst far smaller than most of the bags in the collection and lacking Bottega Veneta’s iconic leather work, the Knot is an elite accessory, almost more of a piece of jewellery than a bag. 

Bags on bags on bags on bags
Bottega Veneta ©

Several of the looks within Bottega Veneta’s collection combined two bags, instead of one. The contrasting sizes, colours and textures paired in models’ hands combined to create an effect that made each bag pop against the other. In a few of these pairs, one bag appeared to be designed out of woven straw, like the beach bags you’d typically bring on holiday. However, knowing Bottega Veneta’s love of making materials look like something they’re not, we’re assuming that these were leather with the appearance of straw.

A tasselled kaleidoscope 
Bottega Veneta ©

An explosion of texture occurs in the form of a bright red and white bag, woven in Bottega Veneta’s iconic Intrecciato leather style but with pieces of leather springing away from it. Another bag in a kaleidoscope of colours featuring the same bouncing poufs of fabric also appeared at FW24.

Featured image via Bottega Veneta ©

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