From Ye to Charli XCX, do people want messy celebs?

From Ye to Charli XCX, do people want messy celebs?

by Robyn Pullen
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From Marc Jacobs‘ new campaign featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Dakota Fanning throwing tantrums at the office, to Charli XCX’s messy Von Dutch roll out, it feels like we’ve been seeing a rise of messiness in music and fashion. As fun as it seems on the surface, we’re starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Here’s why.

One of the main celebrities who’s channelling messiness right now is singer and songwriter, Charli XCX. In anticipation of her new era of music, she recently took to Instagram to post some “potential marketing concepts” for her new track Von Dutch, and a few included things like “a la midnight in Paris” (Paris Hilton’s s*x tape) and having a “Winona moment” (referencing Winona Ryder’s compulsive shop-lifting phase in the 1990s, which ended with her being blacklisted from Hollywood).

Obviously Charli XCX’s fake messy marketing campaigns are satirical, but it’s still clear Charli took direct inspiration from real people’s real breakdowns, and its that that has us asking: is any promotion of Y2K style breakdowns glorifying a decline in mental health? As society becomes accepting of sensationalising the Y2K era of celebrity meltdowns we thought we all agreed was toxic af, noticing the same signs we first saw in the likes of Britney and Lohan in current celebrities gets harder.

From venturing out the house with no shoes to claiming he invented all genres of music, Ye’s recent career progression also implies that people really don’t mind celebrities being publicly messy. But this is where things get worrying, because his ex wife, Kim Kardashian, has claimed he has real mental health issues that are going overlooked.

As fun as it is to see someone go wild like Charli XCX in her Von Dutch video or Lil Uzi for Marc Jacobs’ campaign, when it happens in real life, it’s not funny. Where’s the line between reminiscing and glorifying?

If you personally or someone you know is struggling with mental health, head to the Mental Health Foundation’s website for support and advice.

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