Watch out Elon, Zuckerberg is coming for Twitter

Watch out Elon, Zuckerberg is coming for Twitter

by Robyn Pullen
3 min

Mark Zuckerberg just took his first swing at Elon Musk, and it seems he’s aiming for where it hurts: his money. This comes after an alleged leak revealed on July 1 that Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is in the process of making its own version of Twitter, soon to be known as Threads.

Meta’s plans to release Threads were apparently leaked on Google Play two days ago when it was accidentally posted to the store. Users then screen-shotted the upcoming app before it was promptly taken down. The app is rumoured to be similar to Instagram, only focusing on text instead of images. Sound familiar? We bet Elon thinks so too.


Ironically, people took to Twitter to share the screenshots of Threads taken from Google Play, deciphering that Threads will connect to your Instagram account, letting you follow all your favourite IG users and post Tweets – wait sorry, we mean “Threads” detailing your thoughts and opinions. Other users will then be able to see and “re-thread” (aka re-share) your posts.

The alleged leak comes after Elon’s recent announcement that Twitter will be setting a “view limit” on how many Tweets users can read per day. This is only his latest controversial move in the long string of controversial moves he’s been making at Twitter ever since he took over last November.


Some have speculated that Threads might actually be the reason for Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s current feud which ignited over on Twitter, as the app was actually leaked the same day that Twitter bugged out last week, causing Elon to introduce new view limits. Now, with the pair deciding to organise a physical fight, it seems their arch nemesis status has been officially confirmed.

As Elon goes down with his sinking ship, it would appear there may be hope for us  drowning Twitter users on the horizon. Threads might just be the bobbing lifeboat coming to save us from being subjected to verification fees and “view limits”. Although, it could also be worse. All we know for sure is that this Zucker-punch had to have hurt.

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