Office-core from the future at SPORTMAX FW24

Office-core from the future at SPORTMAX FW24

by Robyn Pullen
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Whilst SPORTMAX Creative Director, Grazia Malagoli‘s last collection transported us to the set of a sleek sci-fi movie, featuring sculptural dresses, transparent knits, and alien-esque accessories, this season brought us back down to Earth. Featuring an excess of sharp tailoring, smooth leather, and the brand’s iconic futuristic accessories, SPORTMAX Fall/Winter 2024 was what office-core will look like in 2055. 

Stiff, structured tailoring dominated

Structured, uniform, and elevated, the tailoring seen throughout SPORTMAX’s FW24 collection was phenomenal, transforming a low V-neck dress into a stiff, sculptural piece, and adding broad, sharp shoulders to buttoned jackets. This blend of structural silhouettes created a vision of office-core from the future: polished, rigid, and chic as h*ll.

Texture turned up

The first look was a tailored jacket-dress ensemble worn over a white shirt, and paired with a giant, fluffy, black shrug, our first hint at SPORTMAX’s blending of textures throughout the collection. Leather trousers were subverted with fur jackets; velvet appeared in thick swaths whilst mesh tops bared all; bags glinted with a futuristic sheen and glitter sparkled on draped shawls.

Hot flashes of red

Whilst the collection was largely monochromatic, utilising black as the predominant shade in the majority of looks and blending in beige later in the collection, flashes of red were predominant throughout. From the first look, which featured a pop of red footwear, to the last, a furry puff-ball dress with a red detailing the motif on its belt, almost every look exhibited at least a flash of red. Even the show’s finale involved all the models walking in procession, bathed in bright red lights. 

“Bin” bags as accessories

Bags in the stiff, structural shape of cylinders with metal handles were clutched in many of the models’ hands, their lids slightly a-jar, evoking the image of a futuristic office waste-basket. Appearing in white, red, black, and blue, the bags were each adorned with shining silver hardware.

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