PDF Fall/Winter 2024 took things to the extreme 

PDF Fall/Winter 2024 took things to the extreme 

by Ollie Cox
2 min

Following its debut at Milan Fashion Week Men’s earlier this month, PDF (PROJECT DOMENICO FORMICHETTI), has launched its Fall/Winter 2024 lookbook, which explores the brand’s connection to extreme sports imagined with an anti-hero athletic protagonist at the fore. 

This character exists outside of the mould, outside of prescribed behaviours or opinions and breaking rules at any opportunity. The campaign captures the infectious energy of the outsider through exaggerated proportions and technical fabrications taken from sporting apparel.

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Campaign shots show white knitwear with textured detailing to the chest and arms, mirroring the protective clothing used in extreme sports. The look is paired with loose-fitting cargo trousers and boots. Printed denim is cut to a loose fit and features a sports-sponsor style graphic, held in place with a shoelace belt, again nodding to the styling codes of action sports athletes. Dramatic backdrops channel the extremes of the outdoors, foregrounding the daring, rebellious spirit of the outsider.

Later shots show models looking ahead, clutching broken ski poles. Here, the protagonist wears a patterned plaid puffer jacket rooted in the sportswear roots of the Domenico Formichetti-founded label. PDF builds on Formichetti’s career across the worlds of footwear and fashion, exploring an unconventional perspective on streetwear informed by its founder’s love of extreme sports, something outwardly reflected in this collection. 

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