Patrick Garvey is the winner of the Central Saint Martins L’Oréal Professionnel Award 

Patrick Garvey is the winner of the Central Saint Martins L’Oréal Professionnel Award 

by Ollie Cox
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In case you didn’t know, last night was the Central Saint Martins BA Fashion show, and 40 students showcased their graduate collections, seeing an end to all-nighters (well, once the afterparty was done and dusted), sleepless nights and necking more caffeinated beverages than Jolene can make on a Sunday morning. The show also saw the presentation of the L’Oréal Professionnel Award for 2024, with BA knitwear designer Patrick Garvey scooping the win. 

Harvey’s collection merged intricate pattern cutting with tech-focused design, developing a crystallisation process that grew through his specific knitwear structures. Across a muted palette of soft pastels, Harvey explored his Catholic upbringing, where he served as an altar boy, a reference seen in high collars and alb-like draping. 

In his own words, the collection was “a process of reimagining the idea of spirituality in the modern day world that we live in. I come from a very catholic background, growing up in Liverpool. I started with the silhouettes and imagery that evokes that. Then [I used] this modern day spirituality with crystals as the source of inspiration, and the place in which you worship, using that as a way of making these garments.” 

Patrick’s exploration of Catholic tradition, merged with modernity through his intricate crystal detailing, which he described as a “risk” that “might have paid off.” As a student at one of the most prestigious fashion unis in the world, taking these kinds of risks and rocking the boat might sound scary, but is “very important, especially in a school like [Central Saint Martins]. I’m so glad that I came to a school like CSM that really allows you to do that,” he shared. 

Winning the L’Oréal Professionnel Award is pretty mega, with Garvey following in the footsteps of Grace Wales Bonner, Goom Heo, Paolina Russo, and Fredrik Tjæranderson previously winning the award. 

What’s next for Patrick? Right now he’s taking it easy but has applied for a master’s degree at Central Saint Martins, telling us that he “would like to carry on with this project, and develop it in different avenues.” 

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