Why One Hundred Shoreditch is the fashion crowd’s favourite East London hangout

Why One Hundred Shoreditch is the fashion crowd’s favourite East London hangout

by Eric Brain
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East London is the cool girl’s part of town, and while it’s packed with some of London’s best independent retailers, restaurants, and bars, there’s never been a hotel that can welcome anyone off the street – that was until One Hundred Shoreditch opened its doors. 

One Hundred Shoreditch is more than a hotel. While it does pack 258 bedrooms and suites, it also comprises Harry Fisher’s multibrand retailer htown (selling the likes of Y/Project, Martine Rose and ERL), multiple bars and restaurants, and a vibe that any self-proclaimed interiors lover can appreciate. 

The atmosphere is dripping in Mid Century Modern goodness, centring around bespoke furniture and curated vintage pieces that set the tone of a chic – but always fun – night out on the town. 

And it’s not just the building that’s serving up a party-all-night vibe. The fashion industry has adopted One Hundred Shoreditch as the defacto place to be: Priya Ahluwalia held her London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 party on the hotel’s rooftop, so did Sinead Gorey, and in the past, the likes of Daniel Fletcher, GmbH by the way of htown, and Agency11 have all partied the night away with London’s skyline backdropping the antics. 

But what’s all the buzz about? Keep on reading to find out why One Hundred Shoreditch is East London’s leading cool girl-approved hangout spot (that doesn’t require a membership). 

Seed Library
One Hundred Shoreditch©

It’s 10 PM in Shoreditch. You can’t go to those member clubs without your mate’s pass. The bars aren’t doing it for you. We’ve all been there, thinking, “if only there was a place that served a variety of cocktails, had good music, and wasn’t full of freshers.” Seed Library at One Hundred Shoreditch is the bar to be at. 

Here, you’ll find a Mid Century paradise lit dimly, making it a perfect date night spot. Put by the hotel itself, “our drinks focus on a ‘lo-fi, analogue’ way of cocktail making.” Perfect, then, for a chilled one. 

The Rooftop
One Hundred Shoreditch©

If an intimate basement isn’t to your liking, soak up the London skyline with One Hundred Shoreditch’s rooftop bar. The interiors team has gone to great lengths to create a space that can transport you to Palm Springs, and its drinks and brunch offerings aren’t far off a Californian Dream either. 

Lobby Lates
One Hundred Shoreditch©

One Hundred Shoreditch’s hotel lobby isn’t just a welcoming work-and-hang out spot. It’s also home to Lobby Lates, a newer initiative that welcomes you to enjoy live DJs and great drinks at The Lobby Bar. 

Held weekly each Thursday and Friday, Lobby Lates has hosted the likes of Metallic Inc’s Aeron Darka, Girls Can’t DJ, and later this month, the Black creative collective Galacta Melanin.

You can find more on One Hundred Shoreditch on its Instagram account and online

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