Oh Annie Oh on Glasto, TikTok DJs, Pride floats & more

Oh Annie Oh on Glasto, TikTok DJs, Pride floats & more

by Robyn Pullen
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Seoul-born, Toronto-bred, and London-based DJ Oh Annie Oh is known for putting on sets as bright and bold as her hair (which she changes the colour of every few months). Annie found herself behind the decks after swapping a Fine Art degree in Toronto for the deep bass of the world, touring Asia, hitting up Pride, and playing at Glastonbury festival all in this year alone. 

With a range that spans carefully curated uptempo edits and club reworks, including bass, grime, house and UK garage, Oh Annie Oh gets music in a way we’re looking to learn from. We caught up with Annie to chat Glasto, TikTok DJs, Grime’s Coachella set, and more.

Glastonbury has to be THE top tier festival, and that’s exactly where you’re playing this summer. How are you feeling ahead of the event?  

For any music lover, Glastonbury is the greatest place on earth. It might sound cheesy but the energy of the crowd is unlike any other place. No ego, everyone’s just there to have a good time. One of my sets is at Rum Shack in The Common at 4am on Sunday, the festival closes at 5am, honoured to close out the festival for that stage! I had a 4am Sunday slot last year too, and it’s such an incredible feeling when it goes quiet on site after the last song as you are just used to hearing nonstop music for 5 days, this is what people must feel when they finish running a marathon!!!

Can you sum up your Glasto set in one word?


What is your most essential item (bar a USB) when preparing to play a set

My earplugs – gotta protect my ears. Also, a second spare USB!

How do you feel about Tik Tok DJ’s blowing up in the way they have?

I love Tiktok and I love seeing how other DJs get creative with their content, but playing a set live in a club and creating DJ content online are two completely separate skills so I’m always interested to see how people can combine those two together authentically. 

What’s your favourite Boiler Room set of all time?

There are too many to name – but lately I’ve had the nasthug one on when I’m getting ready to go out, the energy from start to finish is *chef’s kiss* 

We know you’re playing on a float at Pride this summer: can you tease any songs that’ll be on the set?

I played last year too and this is when Kylie Minogue’s Padam had us all in a chokehold. But this year, I’ll be loading up some Charli XCX for sure.

What’s the best and worst part of playing a live set?

The best – DJing is my favourite thing ever, you can communicate with a room full of people without knowing/speaking to them, and when you get it right, it’s magic.

The worst – The constant looming possibility that someone will mansplain DJing to you mid-headline DJ set (has happened to me… thanks bro).

Grimes’ disastrous set at Coachella 2024 had a lot of people thinking she was kinda unprofessional when her set went wrong. Have you ever had a set go wrong like that? Do you think her reaction was fair?

Thankfully I haven’t had something like that happen during one of my sets, but I have definitely had technical difficulties including the power just cutting out over and over again completely killing the vibe… or a USB malfunctioning… and as a female DJ, I get self conscious that people will just assume that you don’t know what you’re doing when something goes wrong, so if I’m honest, although I haven’t reacted like how Grimes did, I can 100% relate to the screaming, even if mine have been internal screaming haha. 

What’s your next hair colour?

I think the red is here to stay…

Lastly, we know you’ve got a huge summer of gigs ahead, but can you share anything you’re excited for post summer 2024?

I’m putting out my first EP! Been in the studio making some music so I can’t wait to get it out there! Watch this space haha.

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