Nicholas Daley explores Jamaican folklore for Fall/Winter 2024

Nicholas Daley explores Jamaican folklore for Fall/Winter 2024

by Ollie Cox
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Nicholas Daley has unveiled its latest collection, “Anansi Rhythm,” exploring Jamaican Folklore and mythology for Fall/Winter 2024. 

The story of Anansi tells the tale of the spider’s triumph and trickery over the powerful. It found its way to Jamaica through the slave trade, where stories were told orally, requiring human connection to pass them on. Anansi symbolised the rejection of domination and a lost connection to West African traditions. 

Nicholas Daley never designs for designing sake, instead applying a considered approach to his craft, inviting us into a narrative-driven, community-centred world. This season’s inspiration stems from a Jamaican bandana originating in Chennai, formerly known as Madras. The material was cheaply manufactured by the British to clothe enslaved people throughout the Caribbean. Jamaican people later reclaimed it in the post-war period, and it is a recurring component of the collection. 

Hoodies are paired with loose-fitting trousers, where Madras fabric is layered over the bottoms in a contemporary “skirt over pants” style. This reflects Nicholas Daley’s fusion of past and present, where music, fashion and wider cultural references collide. The collection also sees the Madras pattern extended into headwear, including oversized paperboy caps, beanies and baseball caps. Across numerous looks, menswear staples meet classic workwear looks, where denim jackets and heavyweight outerwear collide for the Fall/Winter season. 

The campaign explores Daley’s community-focused approach through intimate shots, where rugs indicate a domestic setting. Long-time collaborator Lochcarron returns for this collection, reinterpreting the ND tartan into a Madras iteration featured across an oversized raincoat and cargo pants. The collaboration between Daley and Locharron nods to the London-based designer’s Jamaican-Scottish heritage, which is featured across the brand’s output. The collection also features the Nicholas Daley “Reggae Klub” graphic designed by Daley’s father to promote a 70s club night. 

Nicholas Daley bridges the worlds of fashion and music, with the latter regularly referenced in the clothing produced. The brand has incorporated music into its activations, recently collaborating with Carhartt WIP and welcoming musicians and DJs to provide the vibes. 

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