Missed Berlin Fashion Week? We got you…

Missed Berlin Fashion Week? We got you…

by Robyn Pullen
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The dark horse of the global fashion calendar, Berlin Fashion Week wraps up today. From boxing-inspired fits designed to take on the patriarchy to Ozempic-inspired fits designed to take on… body image norms(??), here’s our roundup of the shows at Berlin Fashion Week SS25 you won’t want to have missed.

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Berlin label, Namilia shook up Berlin Fashion Week with a controversial tee that’s got social media talking. Alongside its “I <3 Ozempic” t-shirt, the brand debuted fur jackets held together with O-rings, Ed Hardy graphics on leather skirt sets, and hot pink leopard print gowns. It was a tongue-in-cheek, Y2K explosion of unapologetic fashion. 

Anonymous Club
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Shayne Oliver’s Anonymous Club just debuted in Berlin with an SS25 collection of clothing designed to wrap yourself in. The collection saw models with fabrics draped around them, pulled tight over their heads, and deconstructed into new silhouettes. Hoodies were worn upside down and t-shirts were pulled above the head, each paired with ballerinas and boots.

Clara Colette Miramon
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Clara Colette Miramon came ready to fight at its SS25 Berlin Fashion Week show, debuting dresses with skirts made out of boxing gloves and padded corsets. Exploring the concept of femininity through archetypes like the “virgin” and the “rat girl,” the collection blends masculine motifs with feminine silhouettes and fabrics.


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GmbH’s founders, Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Serhat Isik sought “Love & Justice” through their SS25 collection’s “cast of friends and models dressed in garments intended to protect and be ready for a fight.” Titled “Resistance Through Rituals,” the show saw jackets merged with boxer’s gowns, patchwork tops paired with boxing shorts, and sharp toed sneakers designed in collaboration with Axel Arigato. 

Haderlump Berlin
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For Haderlump Berlin’s SS25 show in Berlin, the brand hit up an aircraft hangar to show its collection in front of several vintage planes. Titled “AERO,” the collection featured leather trenches and aviator-style caps in the utilitarian style of a retro pilot’s uniform, alongside other looks designed for Haderlump Berlin’s elite passengers.

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Marie Lueder revealed her SS25 collection in Berlin this week, featuring graphic tees, a Puma collab, and vape tricks on the runway. Inspired by the idea of transformation, LUEDER’s saw garments de- and reconstructed, layered, and reimagined in new and interesting ways. The most viral part of her show was no doubt the moment one model started vaping on the runway, though.

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Spikes and fur contrasted on the runway at MAXIMILLIAN GEDRA’s SS25 show. Titled “STALACTITE” (and it’s not hard to see why), MAXIMILLIAN GEDRA’s collection presented warped, imposing silhouettes inspired by the rock formation’s natural process.

Milk of Lime
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Belgian-German design duo Julia Ballardt and Nico Verhaegen revealed fur dresses, shredded crochet skirts, and beaded jackets in Milk of Lime’s SS25 collection. Utilising nature-inspired materials like wool, the show was earthy, contemporary, and flawlessly designed. 

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Ukrainian designer, Mitya Hontarenko, brought upcycled sneakers and recycled sportswear to Berlin Fashion Week via PLNGNS’ SS25 show. Titled “Sneaker Riot,” the collection saw deconstructed jackets, corsets, and trousers made from sneakers made in total out of over 500 pairs of shoes. 

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Polo shirts and football tees translated into a nostalgic collection where Sia Arnika demanded: “the people want more” at SS25. The people do want more, and that’s exactly what they got at Arnika’s latest collection which blended tulle with askew shirts, mesh with ripped skirts, and crazy wigs with every look.

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