LOEWE Home Scents is here to elevate the smell of your home

LOEWE Home Scents is here to elevate the smell of your home

by Robyn Pullen
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The scents of dry cotton and synthetic rose are not the vibe for your home; in 2024, we’re throwing our burnt out, old candles in the trash, and entering a new era of elevated fragrances with the help of LOEWE Home Scents. Adding two new fragrances to the blossoming garden of olfactory plant portraits LOEWE Home Scents has been building, let us introduce you to the flavours of ‘Mushroom’ and ‘Hazelnut’.

LOEWE’s Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson, a man whose appreciation of craft, sculpture, and space shows he understands the value of the perfect interior, is behind the new duo of fragrances being released by LOEWE Home Scents. Working in collaboration with LOEWE’s in-house perfumier, Nuria Cruelles, the pair have created two rich, luxurious, and elevated fragrances, which follow on with the brand’s recent botanical inspirations. 

Plucked straight from the ripening gardens of LOEWE Home Scents are candles available in ‘Mushroom’ and ‘Hazelnut’ scents. ‘Mushroom’ is a rich, earthy fragrance blended with notes of patchouli that’s inspired by the portobello mushroom, the Agaricus bisporus fungus native to grasslands. Meanwhile, ‘Hazelnut’ has a roasted, nutty aroma reminiscent of culinary delicacies, the distinctively rich flavour of desserts and confectionery. It’s deep, sweet, smokey, and addictive.

With the new range featuring each fragrance in a Ceramic Candle, Wax Candleholder, and Room Spray, and Hand Cleanser, there’s a variety of ways to flood your home with these luxurious scents, no matter your preference. 

Head to LOEWE’s website to shop the new ‘Mushroom’ and ‘Hazelnut’ Home Scents range. 

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