Culted community talks: Lil Nas X is going to h*ll

Culted community talks: Lil Nas X is going to h*ll

by Robyn Pullen
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For someone who’s probably going to h*ll (at least, according to ChristianTok), Lil Nas X loves a bit of religious symbolism, and his new “J Christ” music video is no exception. Last week we reposted a clip of the teaser he released ahead of the track dropping, and TikTok had… opinions. Gaining over 50,000 views and 69 comments (apparently God does have a sense of humour with that number), here’s what our community had to say about Lil Nas X’s controversial new single.

Lil Nas X made clear he’s unbothered by the threat of “going to h*ll” in his “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” music video from 2021, which featured Satan himself, so is it any surprise that he’s still trekking down the path of sin in 2024? In the teaser for his now released “J Christ” music video, which we reposted on TikTok this week, digitally rendered versions of major celebrities were seen walking up a flight of white stairs to the gates of Heaven, and our comment section was almost as upset as when Lil Nas licked the side of Satan’s face.


One person commented under the clip, “bro clearly never read the Bible” but we have to argue in his defence that, given the accuracy of Lil Nas’ religious symbolism in the “Montero” music video, it’s likely he has. Back in 2021, Rolling Stone interviewed a Satanist who credited that, “He obviously did his homework [for the “Montero” music video], … Whether he consulted with us directly or did his own research, he clearly put a lot of effort into this.” So, given that we know Lil Nas X likes to do his research, he actually might’ve read the Bible for “J Christ”.


Another user commented “they gon sue his ass” and if they’re talking about J Christ himself, that’s unlikely. However, the celebrities depicted in the music video could have a case. From Oprah to Obama, several famous faces make an appearance in the teaser we reposted, with plenty of people asking “was that Kanye?” If anything, it was Kanye East. Like we said in the caption, the video was giving “we have Barack Obama at home”.


But as one user explained, commenting “marketing goes crazy ngl😭”, if you’re getting riled up by Lil Nas X’s “J Christ” music video, that’s exactly what he wants; the 69 comments under our TikTok post prove it’s working. Sex sells, but not as much as blasphemy apparently. And at the end of the day, whether you believe Lil Nas X is possessed by demons or not, you have to admit the song slaps.

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