Key takeaways from Valentino’s Fall 2023 Haute Couture collection

Key takeaways from Valentino’s Fall 2023 Haute Couture collection

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Showing on day 3 of Haute Couture Week in Paris, Valentino stepped out of the city to showcase its couture collection in the historic commune of Chantilly. Kaia Gerber opened the show while Donatella Versace sat in support in the front row (check out her IG for the most supportive, heartwarming post ever). In case you missed the grand event, here are 5 key takeaways from the show.

Couture at the Château de Chantilly

When a fashion house decides to step out of a city to hold its show, it’s for a specific reason, and that reason is usually because it has its eyes set on a specific location. With Jacquemus it was Versailles and now at Valentino, it’s the famous and impressive Château de Chantilly, which has been home to many French princes, princesses, and noblemen. The show took place right outside the château, with the sun’s golden hour light hitting the clothes and the ancient white stone walls.

Valentino is leading the changes in couture

Although the show was set at the historic site, which obviously has ties with the royal hierarchy, Valentino’s show was actually challenging the notion of a preconceived order. This season, Valentino gave us a casualification of clothing, with the first look consisting of a white blouse and jeans-looking baggy pants, something we’ve been seeing more and more of in couture. While couture has historically been exclusive to womenswear, the show sent down both male and female models, fulfilling another trend we’ve seen this season.


The colours were giving

Pierpaolo Piccioli is a master of colours, and it shows. We saw cobalt blue dresses and jackets, a two-tone red look made from a plunging-neckline dress and cape that sat on the model’s head, and some forrest and mossy-greens on a sleeveless straight-line jacket, an evening gown and a full menswear look. It wouldn’t be a Valentino show without the classic Valentino Pink, which made its appearance on a caped gown, an open-button blouse and a dress that engulfed the model’s face in layers of fabric shaped like a rose.


The accessories were maxed out

With couture you’ve got to go big or go home, and Valentino went all out with its jewellery. Models were seen wearing supersized earrings that were made out of over 40 dangling crystals. There was also a feather crown that would definitely exceed the height limit at most, scratch that, all roller coaster rides. We also saw a wig made out of the same materials as the earrings and bow-tie ballerinas.


A sparkling fantasy

Fashion sells you a dream but couture sells you a fantasy. In Valentino’s case, that fantasy includes a whole lot of sparkling. We saw embellished details on trousers, tops, and even a dress with a top completely jewelled out, with the sparkly details scattering onto the skirt. There were also pieces made out of shiny fabrics, like a golden coat on a menswear look and a silver coat made out of floral cutouts matched with a pair of trousers that were giving disco ball vibes – but make it couture.


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