Jordy on collaboration through conversation (James Test)

Jordy on collaboration through conversation (James Test)

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Jordy is the North London-born, Essex-based rapper with his eyes set on the world. He’s been in the studio with worldwide artists, including Wretch 32 and Ghetts, and has linked up with Tottenham-raised grime legend JME for his latest single, “Wonderkid.” 

Naturally, when you’re working around the clock on projects with some of the biggest in the game, life can get a lot, which has led to the artist adopting a “f*ck it” mindset. When it comes to his work, he approaches it like a conversation, choosing to allow projects to blossom organically, which has contributed to his success. 

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If you’re lucky enough to get to a Jordy show, you’ll see his army of loyal fans repeating his thoughtful lyrics, which merge with compositions combining his American hip-hop and grime influences. With 2024 looking like a good year for the Jordy, we caught up with him to see what makes him tick.

Are you more of a lyrics-first or melody-first kind of guy? Talk me through your creative process?

This one just depends on the day, what I’ve eaten, the last conversation I had, the type of beat I’m hearing etc. There’s no one way that I create. 

In your song “Cynical,” you say these words: “But then sometimes I just think, “F*ck it.” When was your last “f*ck it moment?”

Oh lord! I have this thought every single day of my life. More than once a day in fact. Everything is annoying.

Last year, you went on tour with Pusha T. How was that experience?

Surreal. He’s one of my favourite rappers for a start. I actually miss that little tour run too. 

Do you have a fun story time with Pusha? Or any words of wisdom he shared that stuck with you? 

None that I can share I’m afraid. He did give me two bottles of expensive champagne, though, which I’ve actually just remembered about. I don’t even know where they are right now. 

You’ve got a single, “Wonderkid,” coming out with JME coming out soon. How did that link up happen?

I met JME in like 2017 (maybe 18) and we chopped it up for a while – I forgot where. At the end of the encounter though I asked for his email because I knew eventually I’d have a tune for him. I didn’t think it’s take me 5-6 years to make it but here we are! When I made Wonderkid though, I KNEW it was a JME situation. I sent it to his email and then asked my mate Poet to text him too (little fast track method). 

How do you approach collaboration within music? 

Just conversation, really. I personally couldn’t do a feature with someone I’ve never met, I think that’s weird. I need to meet the person who’s on a song with me and have real human interaction. That being said, though. I don’t NEED to meet Drake or Jay-Z. They can just send the verse if they want! 

How did Songer approach you to hop onto the “Toxic” remix? What was your first thought? 

Songer is class first of all! I met him when I came out to his show in Scala and just loved what he was doing. Then one day I just got a text to be on the remix – I didn’t even hesitate to be honest! I’ve been telling my family that I did a song with Britney. Big up Songer!

You’ve come a long way since Have A Good Summer, what goes through your mind when re-listening to it?

Honestly, I don’t listen to my own music – especially once it has been released. I’m grateful for where those songs have taken me, though. Once the songs are out though, they’re not mine anymore, they’re yours, and if I keep listening to them, I’ll just hear things I could change etc. It’s pretty simple though, when I drop something, the aim is make something better. 

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What else have you got in store for us this year? What are your last words to leave our readers with?

I’m recording some new music and it’s feeling album-ish. That’s all I can share because, to be honest, that’s all I know. Other than that I’m just in my house watching Atlanta. 

“Wonderkid” featuring JME will drop on March 1. You can pre-save the track here.

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