How Damson Idris is taking over fashion, acting, and everything in between

How Damson Idris is taking over fashion, acting, and everything in between

by Robyn Pullen
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Whilst Brad Pitt might’ve been at the Grand Prix yesterday, our eyes, like everyone else’s, were on Damson Idris. But who is he and why are we seeing him everywhere right now? We’ll fill you in. Damson Idris is the acting world’s latest overnight success who’s finally getting the global recognition he deserves – in fact, rumour has it he’ll collect a few awards this season, despite only having broken onto the scene a few of years ago.

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Born and raised in London but first earning his name in Los Angeles, thirty-one-year-old Damson Idris flew to LA in 2017 where he found his big break like many huge stars do. This is because it was in LA where John Singleton, the iconic director of ‘Boyz n the Hood’, met Damson fresh off of the plane.

With hardly a minute to settle into his new LA lifestyle, it was shortly after this that Idris landed the role of Franklin Saint in John Singleton’s critically acclaimed series ‘Snowfall’ and his career kicked off with a bang. Whilst connections are always an essential in the acting industry, raw talent’s what sets you apart from the crowd and Damson Idris seems to have a lot of it.

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Idris has always said that he loves his hometown back in London “because I can come here and be invisible,” but we don’t think that will be the case for much longer. After Jay-Z even told Idris “I watched your show on tour, I really liked it”, ‘invisible’ is probably a word Damson Idris no longer knows. 

Now, starring side by side with OG heartthrob Brad Pitt in the upcoming F1 film ‘Apex’, it’s safe to say that Idris has made a name for himself. He was even billed as the ‘next Denzel Wahington’ by fellow members of the industry – talk about high praise.

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However, Idris’s acting career isn’t the only thing taking off, as he’s got a foot in the door to the fashion world too, having modelled for Savage X Fenty by Rihanna and, oh yeah, Prada’s 2022 Holiday campaign. No big deal. Personally, we’re excited to see whether he continues the trend by breaking even further into the fashion industry, or sticks to his guns in the action movie industry.

It kind of looks like Damson Idris has done it all at this point, but we’re not so naive to believe that. With so many cards in his hand, who knows which one he’ll play next. All we know is we’ll be watching.

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