DIESEL❤️VES LEE® doubles down on denim together

DIESEL❤️VES LEE® doubles down on denim together

by Juliette Eleuterio
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You know that saying your mum would always tell you, ‘sharing is caring?’ Well Diesel clearly took notes, by launching DIESEL❤️VES, the ongoing programme dedicated to fighting the overproduction issue in fashion, by sharing their resources and already existing materials. For its first venture, DIESEL❤️VES has partnered up with LEE® for a collection now available to shop.

The Diesel Creative Director, Glenn Martens, is no stranger to collaboration. The notable anti-gatekeeper of fashion has been revolutionising the industry through his democratic approach that he has been applying to Diesel ever since his appointment in 2020, and DIESEL❤️VES is just yet another venture of his manifesto.

The limited-edition DIESEL❤️VES LEE® collection has used unsold stock from both brands, making jeans that are literally half Diesel half LEE®. The offering sees both menswear and womenswear pieces, with two-tone appearances, in straight and flared fits.

Denim itself has found itself in a unifying position within today’s day and age. It’s become a staple found in everyone’s wardrobe, acting as a casual uniform of everyday dress. The fact that both Diesel and LEE®, brands known for their denim affection, use the material for this fusion project is almost too perfect to be true – but it is.

Speaking on the venture, Martens stated “It’s easier to create something new than it is to repurpose a garment, especially when customers want it to look exactly like they do online,” and he has a point. He goes on to say “DIESEL❤️VES LEE is the ideal opening act for our continuous call to action with DIESEL❤️VES. Two denim giants, often selling the exact same product with different logos, dropping our weapons and teaming up to address overconsumption and make something good and beautiful.”

Priced at $350, the full DIESEL❤️VES LEE® collection is now available online, as well as in select Diesel and LEE® stores.

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