Didn’t you know? Fashion’s into wine now

Didn’t you know? Fashion’s into wine now

by Ollie Cox
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Natural wine is nothing new. But in recent years it’s become fashion’s tipple of choice. 

In the UK, the natural approach to wine-making is largely confined to pockets of cities, harnessing a reputation as the cool kids’ drink of choice. Lacking in additives, filtrates, and sulfites and requiring minimal fermentation, this wine-making method can lead some drinkers to think they’re drinking something more authentic. But be warned; just because it has the word natural in its description, this doesn’t mean you’ll be hangover free the next day.

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To a certain extent, natural wine is an escape from the chino-wearing gatekeepers of the wine industry and an embrace of the unpredictable, thanks to a lack of sulphur. Cloudy sediment-filled wines are now drunk in Dalston and Dimes Square, not Marseille or Mayfair. For example, the Clapton classic, Chin Chin, is a refreshing white wine produced in Portugal’s Vinho Verde region.


But how has this beverage choice infiltrated the way we dress? Well, it’s been helped by its fashion-forward fanbase. Up North, Manchester’s Vin de Bodega crew bring a well-curated selection of natural wines to the rainy city, decked out in Drama Call as they pour the juice. In London, the fashionable natty wine drinker is a regular target for hyper-specific, geographical meme pages such as Real Housewives of Clapton and Socks House Meeting, as Van Moof their vino through London Fields. 

Our Legacy recently partnered with architect-turned-vineyard owner Gabrio Bini for a collection including a branded bottle of natural white as part of its Workshop range. Look out for shamelessly self-aware Londoners sporting items from this collection in wine bars across the capital. 

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Of course, the appeal of these wines with the fashion crowd makes sense, as each run is produced in smaller quantities, providing the same alluring appeal as a rare fashion grail. Each batch gets its own quirky label with the collectability of a rare graphic tee, and you can be certain that somebody you know has a few empty bottles of the biodynamic elixir lined up like a trophy collection. 

Whether you’re here for fashion’s wine revolution or not, at least the memes are funny.

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