Screw summer, let’s step inside Dhruv’s “Private Blizzard”

Screw summer, let’s step inside Dhruv’s “Private Blizzard”

by Robyn Pullen
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Dhruv – aka Dhruv Sharma – is bringing back ‘being in your feels’ this summer, with his upcoming debut album, “Private Blizzard”. Following his viral track “double take” which blew up in 2021, Dhruv’s taken some time out to produce the album we’ve been waiting for, featuring 12 honest, emotional, and messy R&B-leaning tracks, and dropping this August 23rd. We caught up with Dhruv to chat: messy song writing, making friends with your music, and what’s on the cards post “Private Blizzard” too. Here’s what went down.

We’re catching up ahead of your debut album, “Private Blizzard” dropping this August. How are you feeling ahead of its upcoming release?

I feel both nervous and excited about it. It’s a very different sound from things I’ve released prior so I don’t know how it’s going to be received by people who have listened to my music this far. At the same time it 1000% feels like the album I was supposed to make and put out at this moment. I’ve lived with it for long enough and am ready for people to hear it.

Can you sum up your sound in three words?

Maximal, intimate, soulful.

Would you say your music style has changed at all since you released your EP in 2021?

My first EP was a bedroom pop / R&B project. I literally cut vocals for it in my bedroom and worked on it with my friends over Zoom. This upcoming album couldn’t be more different. It’s maximal and features a lot of live instrumentation. I sang into an expensive as fuck microphone in a legit studio.

You’re about to go on a tour of Europe with Jordan Rakei this September: which leg of the tour are you most excited for and why?

I’m excited for the whole tour – I haven’t been to most of these cities ever, so it’ll be fun to explore them and get to know them through the lens of music. I am particularly excited for The Royal Albert Hall show in London. Early in my career, I made a list of venues that I wanted to eventually play and this one felt like a total pipe dream.

What’s your favourite and least favourite parts of performing live?

I love looking at specific audience members and trying to gauge how a song has soundtracked their lives. It’s funny how different people’s emotional responses to the same song can be. Don’t have a least favourite part but I am naturally introverted and find being perceived stressful sometimes (lol) but we move.

You’ve described the last couple years of your life as “messy.” Some people say “tidy life, tidy mind” but do you think a messy, drama fuelled life makes writing new music easier than when your life’s going smoothly?

Funnily enough, I found writing this album really difficult, especially at the beginning. Almost like when your bedroom floor is so messy you don’t know where and how to start cleaning it. It definitely took time to unravel itself. But yeah I’m sure a little bit of mess helps the writing process. Especially in my case because writing music is how I make sense of the world.

You said on IG that you think of the 12 tracks on your debut album “Private Blizzard” as “friends”. Are they each different types of friends, like one would drag you to the club and the other’s a shoulder to cry on? If so, which track is which?

Yes, that’s exactly how I think of them. “Daggers” for example is like a therapist type of friend, someone who you feel like you can say anything to and they won’t judge you. “Grieving” is definitely a shoulder to cry on. “Tragedy” is a friend who helps you find the humour in a shitty moment and laughs with you. “One and Only” is just a good vibes friend, someone whose joy and energy is infectious. No club friends on this album unfortunately. I wish.

I read that your album name “Private Blizzard” was inspired by a Margret Atwood poem. Why do you think the phrase resonated with you so much?

I actually studied the poem in high school and the quote “Each in his own private blizzard” has stayed with me since. I was closeted at the time and was moving through life with these heavy existential thoughts I couldn’t share with anyone. It struck me as a perfect description of what that felt like.

What piece of advice would you give to a fellow artist going through their own “Private Blizzard” right now?

Step outside of it when you can and try to enjoy the now. Easier said than done but I definitely spent a bit too much time dwelling and not enough time living these last couple of years.

Lastly, can you share anything else exciting on the horizon for you in 2024 (or onwards)?

I’m touring the US and Asia in 2025 which will be fun. New melodies and lyrics have started finding me again so hopefully the next record will be underway soon.

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