Culted Community Talks: North West is entering her College Drop Out era

Culted Community Talks: North West is entering her College Drop Out era

by Ollie Cox
3 min

When it comes to Nepo Babies, North West is up there, but unlike other 10-year-olds in her position (not that there’s that many), she has a social-savvy mum to help her kick-start a career. 

The 10-year-old shares an account with Kim Kardashian, an entrepreneur in her own right, who sees the social media platform as a way for North to express her creativity. 

Earlier this week, North shared a video in Tokyo wearing the same polo worn by her father? Kanye in his College Dropout years, and it sent the internet wild, with some @theylovediamond quick to point out the top’s origins, adding, “I’ve seen this fit before somewhere”. @vspmooon added, “Wait, that’s Ye’s Shirt”. 

Soundtracked by a sped-up edit of ‘American Boy’ by Estelle featuring Kanye West, the parallels between North and her father were definitely there. @evanhlufc went further, stating that “North is literally Kanye”. 

@yogirlnoaf said what we were all thinking, commenting, “SLAY NORTH”. With Y2K fashion continuing to influence pretty much everything we wear in one way or another, it’s safe to say North’s viral look is a leader of the trend. @rag_eedd echoed the sentiment, adding a short but sweet “iconic” to the comment stream. 

People saw the moment as a way to highlight the relationship between Kim and North. @bella.welters added: “I don’t know how anybody can hate on Kim and North, they’re so cute”. 

Not everyone was supportive, with  @3eankim25  questioning why the post received such a warm reception. “Y’all like her bc of her parents is crazy”. What’s crazy is having beef with a 10 year old because of her parents, but to each their own.

Whatever you think, a hearty dose of nostalgia is rarely a bad thing, especially if you miss the old Kanye.

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