Lil Nas X challenges you to “Find Your Courage” by Coach

Lil Nas X challenges you to “Find Your Courage” by Coach

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The American brand Coach unveiled its new campaign starring Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Youngji Lee, Kōki, and Wu Jinyan that encourages you to “Find Your Courage.”

The campaign takes us to a virtual world, where Lil Nas X is seen sitting on padded-chess pieces, effortlessly posing with a Tabby bag gracefully hung from his knee, as well as sporting pieces from the Coach Spring 2024 collection. The artificial world creates a blur between the physical and digital world, the way our generation is challenging the meaning of ‘real,’ as well as our concept of self-identity.

The imagery is also accompanied by a series of videos, in which each star explores this newly-created world, taking it on as their own. Each individual shows off their superpowers – whether it being shattering these chess pieces or flipping the world upside down. imma, the virtual figure, appears alongside Lil Nas X, offering up her world to him.

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The campaign itself was inspired by AI and all its innovations, and created by using CGI technology. Directed by Valée Duhamel and photographed by Charlie Engman, the two have taken this campaign on to explore new avenues of creative expression and experimentation.

Speaking on Coach’s new campaign, Creative Director Stuart Vevers stated “‘Find Your Courage’ expresses the feeling I wanted for the collection, where our heritage is the foundation for exciting new possibilities for self-expression.” Coach Global Chief Marketing Officer and North American President Sandeep Seth added that the campaign “is meant to inspire our consumers to seek out all possibilities for who they can be, despite the tensions and expectations in life they might feel.”

For this campaign, Coach will also bring to life new collaboration with gaming platforms, where you’ll be able to deck out your avatar in the Coach Spring collection, as well as new, digital iterations of the Tabby Sho bag. Watch this space for Coach updates.

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