Culted community talks: Balenciaga’s edible Spring 2024 show invite

Culted community talks: Balenciaga’s edible Spring 2024 show invite

by Robyn Pullen
3 min

Fashion shows start long before the first model steps onto the runway, or before the first celebrities pull up outside; a fashion show begins with an invitation. From Prada’s pillow cases to Maison Margiela’s plate, invites are scarcely written on a piece of paper. They’re intended to be snippets of what to expect on the runway, a method of creating buzz before the collection has even seen the light of day.

Yesterday, we re-posted a video from renowned journalist, public figure, and fashion icon, Susanna Lau (aka @susiebubble) which unveiled Balenciaga’s Spring 2014 invite: an energy bar. With the Balenciaga show getting ready to kick off later today in LA (2:30 p.m. PST / 10:30 p.m. GMT) we’re taking a look at what you had to say about the invite, and analysing… what does it mean?

It looks like Demna is back in his chaotic era, returning to his old, tongue-in-cheek approach to fashion design. You probably remember the iconic “Lays” crisp packet bag that Balenciaga released last year, and it kind of feels like this energy bar invite falls into the same vein. Turning everyday objects into luxury fashion isn’t something everyone responds well too though, and that much was clear in our comment section.

Most people were hung up on the cost of the energy bar, like user @julianvanrossum2970 who commented “what’s the price” or @mikkimaus71 who speculated “1.5k dollars”. To be honest, they’re probably right given that the Balenciaga energy bars aren’t actually available to purchase; they’re invites so getting your hand on one is near impossible unless you have enough clout to be wanted by Demna at the show.

Then @lungani_041 commented “nonsense” and, after Balenciaga’s recent fiasco with the release of their $925 towel skirt, it’d be fair to say that it was. The only thing holding us back from agreeing is the fact that every brand does this with their invites.

Let’s not forget the time when Diesel sent out invites in the form of Durex condoms, or when Jacquemus sent guests a box of alphabet pasta containing only the letters from its name. For most brands, the invite is as much of an opportunity for a stunt as the actual show, so we’ll stand in defence of Balenciaga’s edible Spring 2024 show invite. But what do you think?

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