Get your fashion fix eco-consciously with our latest shopping guide

Get your fashion fix eco-consciously with our latest shopping guide

by Robyn Pullen
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This week, we’re putting the brands that give a s*** about the environment on your radar, via our latest shopping guide. From Diesel’s eco-conscious denim range and Fussy’s reusable deodorants, to the vintage, second-hand pieces available at Known Source, we’ve rounded up the brands that are doing the most when it comes to sustainability. The reality is, your shopping habits don’t have to break the bank or harm the environment: keep reading to find out how.

Hæckels Bio + Energiser Shampoo – £30.00 / $38.00

Hæckels’ is a brand that knows how to care for you as much as it does the environment. For one, seaweed is used as a base for all of Hæckels’ products – including its Bio + Energiser Shampoo which aims to hydrate and refresh your hair – but this isn’t just any seaweed: its harvested from the beach mere steps away from the brand’s shop in Margate, making it fully sustainably sourced. From the brand’s use of waste natural resources in their products to its fully recyclable or compostable packaging, Hæckels’ is celebrating Earth Day everyday, and you can too.


non Black Grey Raglan Jacket – £180.00 / $256.00

non is a minimalist denim brand with an ethos in having minimal impact on the environment. Its materials are durable, made from 50% certified organic cotton and 50% recycled cotton, and are created without the use of toxic chemicals or GMOs. Given its efforts towards reducing waste, conscious production, animal welfare, and future thinking, non’s denim pieces are ones you can feel good wearing. 


Diesel Straight Jeans 2001 D-Macro 09i20 – £230.00 / $288.00

Diesel’s new five-part mini docuseries takes fans of the brand “Behind the Denim,” to get a closer look at the full lifecycle of its pieces, showing viewers the reality behind Diesel’s sustainable initiative when it comes to denim production. The docuseries aims to reveal the truth about denim production at Diesel through a sustainable lens, and answers questions like: is sustainability sexy? What is a sustainability ambassador? And, does anyone know what ‘circularity” actually means? Check out Diesel’s first instalment of “Behind the Denim” series here, and shop sustainable Diesel denim below.


Known Source Vintage Prada Luna Rossa Jacket – £495.00 / $620.00

Known Source is building a grassroots ecosystem by allowing sellers to give pre-loved clothing a new life, via re-selling. It’s curated, hand-picked, and relies on quality products that were designed to last, meaning you can trust the second-hand product you’re purchasing will survive your wardrobe, no matter how many times it’s been worn. From jackets to jeans to handbags, Known Source has a huge variety of apparel and accessories to choose from, including this archival Prada jacket. Check out the website now.


Fussy x Parma Violets Limited Edition Natural Deodorant – £15.00 / $19.00

fussy is a deodorant brand making a difference, due to the life cycle of its reusable cases. This is because the Fussy Natural Deodorant Case is designed to be kept for life, saving the planet from over 250 single-use plastic deodorants over its lifetime. This means you can start your collection with the fragrance of Parma Violets, before venturing to try all of fussy’s scented refills. 


101% Caramel Draped Windbreaker – £261.00 / $328.00

All of 101%’s products are sustainably made, but it’s Draped Windbreakers are maybe some of the most iconic. Made from 75% recycled nylon and 25% elastane, the fabrics of 101%’s windbreakers are water-repellent, anti-static, and made using recycled yarn to GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. Make sure you cop a piece now, and feel good about staying dry this Spring.


Timex Legacy Ocean Recycled Watch – £130.00 / $163.00

The Timex Waterbury Ocean collection is unique due to the fact that its made entirely from upcycled ocean-bound plastic. For example, the Timex Legacy Ocean watch is solar-powered and was made using the discarded plastic collected by fisherman along coastlines. It doesn’t get much more environmentally conscious than that.


Story mfg. Seed Bomber Iron Black Wonky-Wear – £1,125.00 / $1,410.00

Story mfg. has become known for its eco-conscious designs, but this Seed Bomber from the brand is a fan favourite. Made from 100% organic cotton, hand-knitted, and with a naturally hand dyed patchwork lining, this reversible bomber jacket is a Spring/Summer essential that won’t have you feeling guilty about the environment.


Stella McCartney Frayme Whipstitch Tote Bag – £1593.00 / $1,995.00

Stella McCartney’s Frayme Whipstitch Tote Bag is sleek, elevated, and luxurious. But its made using its consciously crafted vegan “Shaggy Deer” fabric using recycled materials, which means you can rest easy knowing its cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Incorporating UPPEAL™️, a vegan alternative to animal leather sourced from apple waste, the bag is as eco-conscious as it is iconic.


Gaâla Linda Knit Dress – £214.00 / $269.00

Gaâla uses upcycled and low-impact textiles to create sustainably made clothing that’s respectful to the environment. For example, its knitted black dress is crafted from sustainable Lenzing Ecovero Viscose, and is made in small Italy, Lithuania, and Belarus based workshops that combine traditional craftsmanship with French savoir-faire.


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