A 4/20 shopping guide for fans of the flower

A 4/20 shopping guide for fans of the flower

by Robyn Pullen
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This Saturday April 20th marks every stoner’s favourite holiday: you already know, it’s 4/20. Whether you’re planning to hit up a local park with a friend called Mary Jane or staying in and relaxing with your mate Jack Herer, we’ve compiled a shopping guide to help you dress the part. From full green fits to marihuana scented hand cream, here’s the 4/20 shopping guide you’ve been waiting for.

LOEWE Small Marihuana Candle – £85.00 / $105.99

In case your home doesn’t already have the permanent scent of weed in the air, LOEWE’s designed a range of luxury candles scented with the herbal fragrance of the Sativa Herb (aka cannabis). It reveals delicate woody notes once lit, filling your home with the smokey, sweet notes we’re all so addicted to (metaphorically speaking).


Diesel Yellow-Green 1DR-XS-S Bag – £300.00 / $374.07

Walking into the park with your pockets spilling with grinders and baggies is not the vibe this 4/20, which is why a little green bag is a necessity. This glittered, faux-leather, yellow-green 1DR-XS-S bag from Diesel is the perfect accessory to complete your fit.


Craig Green Quilted Poplin Jacket – £775.00 / $966.35

St Patrick’s Day isn’t the only globally celebrated holiday that calls for wearing green. 4/20 takes that title too, which is why we’d recommend wrapping up in Craig Green’s quilted poplin jacket before stepping out the house this Saturday. You wouldn’t want to get punched!


Edie Parker Orange & Green Glass Ashtray Tabletop Lighter – £135.00 / $168.33

Everyone knows how easy it is to lose your lighter (especially at the times when you need it most) but that’s why we’d recommend investing in one of Edie Parker’s tabletop lighters because you certainly will never lose this. This hefty, glass lighter/ashtray in orange and green can stay on your table as a part-time ornament/part-time functional lighter.


LOEWE Green Flower Sunglasses – £335.00 / $417.71

LOEWE’s forest-green sunnies in an iconic floral silhouette are the perfect pair of on-theme shades for fans of the flower celebrating this 4/20. With oval black lenses (to disguise any redness of the eyes) and a leafy nylon-frame, these are undeniably the perfect accessory.


Dries Van Noten Cannabis Patchouli Hand Cream – £35.00 / $43.64

Dries Van Noten is elevating the scent of weed with its Cannabis & Patchouli scented hand cream. Delicately perfumed with the fragrance of cannabis, blended with patchouli, rosehip oil, shea butter, and almond oil to moisturise and care for your skin, this hand cream is both luxurious and fragranced with your favourite scent.


Collina Strada Green Munster Ring – £100.00 / $124.69

Sparking up alone can be kind of therapeutic, but it can also be lonely. If that’s how you choose to spend your 4/20, we’d recommend Collina Strada’s Munster ring to keep you company. He’s smiling, green, and has hearts for eyes: who better to kick back with this Saturday?


Ferragamo Green Hardware Loafers – £860.00 / $1072.33

Ferragamo’s patent calfskin loafers in dark green are ideal for stepping out into nature this April 20th. Elevated and luxurious, yet undeniably on theme for the occasion (mostly considering they’re green), these are any stoner’s wardrobe essential.


Houseplant Ashtray by Seth – £46.52 / $58.00

A piece from Seth Rogan’s hand-made ceramic pottery brand is an essential for the home’s of any true stoner, and this Houseplant ashtray is the perfect one. In forest-green, speckled with golden-brown is both functional and a luxury piece of decor. Find this one and many more ceramic ashtrays from Houseplants at Goodhood.


LOEWE Anagram-motif Silk Top – £887.00 / $1106.00

LOEWE strikes again with its anagram-motif green silk top, an elevated piece perfect for dressing appropriately green this Saturday April 20th. As it’s a more subtle nod to the theme of 4/20, this is a piece you’ll wear again and again all year round.


YAKU Green Three-Finger Gloves – £145.00 / $180.80

YAKU is a brand known for its unusual, futuristic products, and this pair of green, three-fingered gloves fits the description. They’re actually ideal for those green-fingered “gardeners” who’ll be spending this Saturday outdoors in what may be cold weather (depending on where you are in the world).


Miu Miu Feather-detail Cashmere Scarf – £925.00 / $1153.38

A soft feathered scarf never goes amiss on any occasion, but this moss-green one from Miu Miu is perfect for wearing wherever you’re heading this Saturday night. Get dressed up and hit the town/park/streets/wherever in a green-hued feather bowa.


Bleu Nour Canna Crush – £36.00 / $46.00

Bleu Nour – the fragrance brand with a founder that uses her synesthesia to design its scents – has one scent in particular that’s perfect for fans of the flower this 4/20, named Canna Crush. The new fragrance, avaialble at Goodhood, is a blend of cannabis with notes of leather, pink pepper, osmanthus, and white musk.


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