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Black Owned Everything is the e-commerce site showcasing the great creative businesses out there owned by Black entrepreneurs. Founder Zerina Akers created BOE for “when the trend is over”, referring to the rise of support for Black-owned businesses following the BLM protests in 2020. The goal of Black Owned Everything is to create meaningful and long-lasting participation between Black business, community, and excellence”.

We’ve picked out our ten favourite items from the site and whether you’re in need of a hoodie, footwear, homeware or a gift, they’ve got you covered.

BLACK OWNED EVERYTHING “Logo” Hoodie – £95/$135 & “Logo” Sweats £70/$99

Once classed as ‘streetwear’, hoodies and sweatpants became a mainstream wardrobe essential in the last year. This BOE branded sweat set in black with luminous green detailing is a must have. It’s the perfect way to show your support for the platform. Turn off the lights for its glow in the dark feature.

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Black Owned Everything ©

JOHNNY NELSON Forever Lit Matchstick Earring £113/$160

Johnny Nelson doesn’t disappoint with his eclectic take on a ‘matchstick’ earring. Available in a range of precious metals, the earring features a red enamel tip to bring the heat. All Nelson’s designs are made to order and handcrafted in New York. Basically it’s lit.

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Johnny Nelson ©

THE FOND HOME Sanitiser Bottle with Pump – £9/$12

Hand sanitiser has been in all of our bags this past year but it’s time to elevate the experience. Homeware company The Fond Home brings you the Chanel of hand sanitiser bottles, for a cleaner aesthetic. Made from 100% glass, this homage to Chanel NO.5 is a tasteful addition to any lockdown arsenal.

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The Fond Home ©

SUNNI STUDIO Reese Square Toe Boot £360/$510

Everyone needs a staple pair of black leather boots and Sunni Studio has delivered the goods. Known for his conceptual footwear, the New York designer is a self-taught artisan. The Reese Boot features a square toe, a subtle two-inch heel in solid black and is made from 100% leather.

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Sunni Studio ©

BLACK OWNED EVERYTHING “Logo” T-shirt £54/$75

Another piece we love from BOE’s in-house line is the white cotton ‘Logo’ tee. The t-shirt makes a statement while also elevating a wardrobe essential.

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Black Owned Everything ©

K.NGSLEY Red “BB” Beanie £25/$35

The ‘Red BB Beanie’ from K.NGSLEY is a simple way to brighten up a dark winter fit. The cuffed beanie is made from recycled acrylic knit and is finished off with the K.NGSLEY logo. The beanie is unlined for extra comfort and created in a ribbed effect for stretch. Priced at $35 and made in New York, it’s a sustainable way to keep your head warm.

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K.ngsley ©

WEAR BRIMS Milliner Games Baseball Cap “Green” £41/$58

The Milliner Games Baseball Cap in green is a great transeasonal piece due to the nylon material, adapting to both a summer and winter wardrobe. This particular hat is from the WearBrims 2016 Milliner Games Collection which was inspired by the Summer 96′ USA Olympics.

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Wear Brims ©

3RD EYE VIEW Lucas Sunglasses £30/$42.90

3rd Eye View presents the ‘Lucas’ shade in a teardrop aviator frame. Available in four different colourways, this style is reminiscent of the early 2000’s and made from a lightweight material.

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3rd Eye View ©

LONEZ SCENTS Oat Milk & Honey Candle £11/$15

Lonez Scents wants to combat racism and have your house smelling good with their Oat Milk & Honey scented candle. Made from 100% soy wax grown in the USA, each candle features a customisable quote to inspire, such as  “Black lives are more important than non-Black feelings” and “Cultural anxiety is racism”. Lonez scents aim to “bond us under similar and dissimilar experiences through an unexpected vessel – a candle”. 

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Lonez Scents ©

THE FOND HOME Milky Glass Vase £24/$36

Another must-have from The Fond Home is their Milky Glass Vase. The intriguing design has a misty grey tone, making it an eye-catching piece for any room in the house. This vase will finally have you caring for your unloved house plants or works as a stand-alone piece for those of you who aren’t ready for a long term commitment.

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The Fond Home ©

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